Heidi-Scott needs to stop promoting his client’s ideas and needs to start looking at the bigger picture;

But the idea of competing with a casino by building another casino doesn’t make sense – at least for now – since no one knows how the economic dominoes are going to fall once Grand Falls opens. Though there certainly will be some impact on Sioux Falls’ economy, that doesn’t mean this city – or state – needs to panic either.

To tell you the truth, most people don’t buy Heidi-Scott’s argument either. The only panic this new operation will bring is if the casino will have enough parking spots the day of their first job-fair.

Can’t wait to hear the deets on this one;

Sen. Scott Heidepriem at this hour is discussing a plan to build a casino in Sioux Falls to compete with a casino and resort complex now under construction in Lyon County, Iowa.

UPDATE: Is it just me, or is it blatantly obvious that Heidi-Scott has some clients pressuring him about this?

“I simply can’t condone their efforts to pickpocket their neighbors,” said Arndt, who originally is from Iowa.

Pickpocket? C’mon! Arndt and Heidi-Scott are so clearly out of touch with voters on this issue. If you polled Sioux Falls residents, most of them would probably agree that the (Lyon county) casino is a positive thing. I don’t want a governor who is concerned about SD VL casino owner’ profits. I want a governor that is concerned about jobs, sales tax revenue and affordable entertainment, all of these things will be provided by the Iowa casino. Grow a brain. Your press conference borders on the ridiculous.

Maybe we shouldn’t have VL casino’s on every f’ing corner in this city?

Under Iowa law, the Lyon County Resort & Casino will contribute a portion of its profits to the state of Iowa to help gamblers who become addicted. Yet most of its customers will see no benefit from that contribution because they are not Iowans.

Well duh. So how much money do casinos in SD put into a treatment fund? You would think it would be a lot considering how much money the state and PRIVATE business owners generate from the industry. Think again;

The division has an annual budget of $244,000 for such services, which comes from $214,000 from the South Dakota Lottery and $30,000 from Deadwood gaming.

Wow! What a bargain for the pain they inflict. I have often said the biggest expense from VL is the cost to taxpayers from incarceration and conviction (robberies, bad checks, etc). But we like putting people in jail, it’s a big business in South Dakota, thanks to Billy Bob Janks.

There is also something else people don’t consider about a casino in Lyon county. It is an entertainment destination. And while most people will go there to gamble, there will be a host of other things to do (golfing, dining, concerts, etc.), unlike a VL casino. Last I checked if you are not playing a machine in a VL casino, there isn’t much else to do, except eat stale popcorn and drink fizzy American light beer out of a dixie cup.

As I have said a million times; there are no REAL progressives living in our city, and these proposals prove it;

They’d like to see the city ease the 2,000 feet restriction rule. It prohibits a bar or restaurant that offers video lottery from being built within 2,000 feet of a church, school, park or another video lottery establishment.

First off, if anything, we need to restrict video lottery even more. Having three casinos within one block of my home is ridiculous. Secondly the best way to ‘compete’ with the casino in Lyon County is to give in. Allowing VL casino owners and the state to make more money while Sioux Falls is sitting on a possible sales tax goldmine is a regressive approach. Real progressives see opportunities, not detriments. City leaders (business and city hall) need to get off their asses and extend a hand to Lyon County, and not next week or next month – TODAY! We can piss and moan and fight this all we want, but at the end of the day we can’t stop what Iowa or what Lyon County wants to do. As councilor Rex Rolfing said about the casino, “When you are handed lemons, you make lemonade.” And I see a whole lot of it flowing from Lyon County.

Mayor Subprime gets sworn in on Monday, 2 PM at Carnegie Hall, so it isn’t too early to be critical (gotta get a jump on it, yah know).

First he wants you to know ‘He is listening’

New Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether will begin hosting “Listening and Learning” sessions starting May 22 at the Whisk and Chop Cafe, 108 S. Minnesota Ave.

I think this is a fantastic idea. But I also think it will be a flop. If you are not handing out FREE pork sandwiches, donuts or coffee, good luck having anybody show up. I often encourage people, that if they have a bone to pick, go to the Monday night city council meetings and address the council while the film is rolling so it is on public record. Never discuss ANYTHING with a politician without a witness or record. I think these sessions won’t be very well attended for other reasons to. People get excited about candidates during campaigns, but once they vote, they want to move on. While a handful of people will be watching and listening, most will be fishing, spending time with families or sleeping off a hangover Saturday mornings. I wish him luck on the concept though.

It seems he is also taking the NEGATIVE road on the Lyon County Casino;

SIOUX FALLS, SD – Sioux Falls mayor-elect Mike Huether calls himself a positive guy, but he sees nothing positive about the large-scale casino that will soon be going up across the border in Iowa.

Besides the job opportunities, the retail opportunities are HUGE. I think it will actually bring more sales revenue to the state and city which will offset the VL revenue loss. It seems some city councilors get it, let’s hope;

Sioux Falls’ four newly elected city council members aren’t necessarily happy about the casino, but they’re excited about the opportunities the casino could bring to the city’s economy.   You can hear their thoughts this Sunday on Inside KELOLAND at 10:30 p.m.

And it looks like some people get it;

Supporters also think the venue will lure out-of-towners to the area, despite concerns over losing revenue.

“I don’t think it’s going to affect our economy that much, because a lot of people come to Sioux Falls for a lot of different things, and I don’t think a lot of those people are going to go gambling,” Marcia Steffen from Sioux Falls said.

Hopefully at least a handful of them at city hall will make and effort to reach out the Lyon County. Because I can guarantee if city hall doesn’t, eastside businesses will snatch up the opportunity.

It also seems councilor Greg Jamison seems to be confused about what it means to ‘Purchase’ something.

“The state of South Dakota should just write them a $60 million check each year and call it good so they don’t have to build the place,” Jamison said.

He thinks we will just be giving the casino a handout. Not true. They will have to purchase their water just like we will from Lewis & Clark. But unlike the city of Sioux Falls, they were not suckered into prepaying for something they ‘may’ have by 2012 like we were. It also surprises me that Greg is being so negative about the potential sales tax revenue that will be flowing into Sioux Falls from casino visitors. This is a guy who has called people like myself and Stehly negative and ‘hot heads’. Maybe he should take a good look in the mirror. A word of advice to Lyon County if they decide to reach out to our city government. Don’t invite Greg to the meetings.