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Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving memories . . .


Good News and Bad News


WASHINGTON – Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said Wednesday she will not run for president, leaving little doubt that the eventual Republican nominee will come from the current field of contenders.


SAN FRANCISCO – Steve Jobs, the innovative co-founder of Apple who transformed personal use of technology as well as entire industries with products such as the iPod, iPad, iPhone, Macintosh computer and the iTunes music store, has died.

Steve was a genius, and I don’t care what you think about Microsoft, I have worked in both operating systems as a graphic designer for 18 years and I wouldn’t trade my MAC for twenty PC’s. Besides the operating system, they are truly a better made product. And if I can give Steve credit for anything, it is that quality about a MAC that I have loved the most.

I can see Washington from my kitchen window (H/T – Hudson)

Oh, Sarah, what a tool.

I can see stupid people (H/T – Helga)


In a way it’s like “The Sound of Music” but without the romance, the Nazis or the music.

Ex-Governor Moose Drool gets her ass handed to her

Turn up the volume . . .

Dumb & Dumber (H/T – Helga)

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) posed for a picture with Birther leader and California secretary of state candidate Orly Taitz at a tea party lunch event in California Friday, Taitz tells TPM.

Taitz and Bachmann both spoke at a lunch sponsored by the Tea Party Patriots, Taitz said in an email. But Birtherism did not come up at the event, according to Taitz.

“Michelle Bachmann spoke at the lunch, however she did not talk about eligibility, but rather general status of economy, politics and elections,” Taitz says. “I spoke at the lunch, however I did not speak about ongoing legal actions involving Obama’s use of ss number 042-68-4425, which was assigned to another individual, I also did not talk about Obama’s refusal to unseal his original birth certificate, currently sealed in HI or any other issues of Obama’ illegitimacy to presidency which are raised in the pleadings. I talked only about my candidacy for the position of the Secretary of State of CA.”

Bachmann was in California for two days for a tour organized by Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum, state Eagle Forum president Orlean Koehle tells TPM. Bachmann’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

They’re ooky and they’re spooky, the Palin Family


The Palinator gets a Children’s book…

palin_lipstickIt looks like the rat is saying, “Holy shit, she’s got a purse full of dildos!”

Here is a gem from the author: “In this Internet age, we need to let our kids know that it is wrong to spread rumors and lies,” DeBrecht explained. “Unfortunately, many so-called journalists have basically told children that this is permissible as long as you disagree with someone’s opinions. Our kids deserve better than the shameful example that has been set before them. What message does this send to little girls who may want to enter the political arena? Don’t you dare lest you be Palinized?”