After a discussion earlier today, Jeff sent me this;


I am writing to let you know that I was among those recommending that Governor-Elect Noem plan to select Rhonda Milstead to replace Deb Peters who is quitting before taking office. I am disappointed that the Party in power continues to use that sleight of hand method to protect their domination in Pierre.

Allow me to say that I know Rhonda. We have rented her restaurant for Democratic events. I have eaten there for lunch with groups of Democrats. And, of course I work with her husband, Mike Milstead, our Minnehaha County Sheriff. She is the best Republican choice for this county and it is my job to do what is best for this county.

We can certainly find fault in things she may have said in the past but as has been said,”Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.”

Jeff Barth

I think Jeff said it best to me, Noem was going to appoint a Republican anyway, it might as well be a decent one.

What?! Noem did something good? At least she didn’t appoint that bigot Mike Clark;

Noem announced Friday that she will appoint Rhonda Milstead, of Sioux Falls, to represent District 9 during the 2019 and 2020 legislative sessions.

I have met Rhonda on several occasions and she comes across as a NO NONSENSE person. I remember when she took over the contract for the Overlook Cafe, she reassured the council that her husband (Sheriff Mike Milstead) had ZERO to do with her business and her decisions. She has a very independent spirit that will serve us well. She will be a great asset to the legislature.

I was actually surprised that she (may) be a Republican. In my conversations with her and Mike, they always came across as independent thinkers when it came to politics. Maybe she is an Indy? I haven’t checked her registration. But it will be refreshing if she applies those same principles in Pierre to build consensus for the greater good.

It’s also kind of ironic she is a close neighbor to Mike Saba who was elected in November to state legislature in D9. Mike told me tonight that he was pleased with Noem’s choice and is looking forward to working with Rhonda in D9.

It should be NO surprise Noem appointed a woman to do the job. I would have actually been shocked if she appointed a man.