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Detroit Lewis DOC review; Tom Waits: Tales From A Cracked Jukebox

My favorite songwriter of all time.

Using rare archive, audio recordings and interviews viewers are taken on a trip through the surreal, moonlit world of Tom Waits – a portrait of one of modern music’s most enigmatic and influential artists.

Only three musicians make me cry almost instantly, Hank Sr., Lucinda Williams and Tom Waits. I have about 90% of his stuff, and some rare European live crap. I did an art exhibit a few years ago that were paintings based on his music. The only show I sold completely out of. If you are not a fan, I suggest you watch this DOC done by BBC, and learn a little about this fantastic artist.

Interesting connection between Joker & Tom Waits (H/T- JR)

This is so crazy, I watched this vid  couple of days ago, and JR sent it to me yesterday.

If you don’t know, I am a HUGE Tom Waits fan, probably the greatest American songwriter to ever live (and still living) besides Hank Sr.

He has been so ripped off by actors and musicians for the past 40 years, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Joker character by Heath was based on him.

Just when I lost hope . . .

Mr. Waits comes out with another great recording . . .


Music Club w/ Tom Waits

My musical hero, Tom Waits put out a new album, and it’s pretty tasty



Poetry Club w/ Charles Luden • Music Club w/ Tom Waits


The cold rain comes
You come
We go
My money goes
You go
I come home

Charles Luden • 11-6-77


Art for Sale • Tom Wait’s series

‘Whistlin’ past the graveyard’ Mixed media on masonite (20 x 20″) (custom frame) FOR SALE, Best offer

Art for Sale • Tom Wait’s series

‘Red Shoes’ Mixed media on canvas (16 x 20″) (custom frame) FOR SALE, Best offer

Art for Sale • Tom Wait’s series

‘Please call me baby’ Mixed media on plywood (20 x20″) (custom frame) FOR SALE, Best offer

Art for Sale • Tom Wait’s series

‘Pasties and a G-String’ Mixed media on plywood (10 x 20″) FOR SALE, Best offer

Music club w/ Tom Waits covers

The guitar on this Diana Krall version of ‘Temptation’ is killer, and Diana’s voice doesn’t hurt either


Blues God Screamin’ Jay does ‘Heart Attack and Vine’