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While the dirt movers are f’ing around on the proposed Southside Walmart, which is in the middle of litigation, this photo after about 1.25″ of rain is discouraging. Maybe the construction trailers should be on pontoons?

Funny how WM’s charitable giving goes up when they need public support. I remember all the charitable donation stories in the local media before the last election:

The Walmart Foundation’s contributions in some cities rose steadily as Walmart tried to curry local support and gain access in those markets, according to the complaint. The foundation donated just over $200,000 to organizations in Los Angeles in 2008 and 2009, the complaint said, but raised that amount to $1.4 million in 2011, just as plans to open a store were getting underway. In 2013, the year that store opened, donations dropped to about $230,000.

“I think if this is truly charitable donations, they would be giving this every year,” said Matt Ryan, the executive director of the nonprofit advocacy group Alliance for a Greater New York, which signed the complaint. “I would characterize it as part of a smoke-and-mirrors campaign that Walmart would run when they’re trying to move into a city.”

I often said instead all the charitable giving or spending almost $20 a vote in a direct marketing campaign, they should have just sent every registered voter a $50 gift card.

UPDATE: Here is the Ballot Language: (DOC: 52013-Ballot-SAMPLE-back)

Funny, Walmart is under the impression they are going to break ground on their new Southside store even though a very multi-faceted lawsuit has been filed against them;

The group “Save Our Neighborhood” which sued the city back in 2013 for violating zoning laws, filed a lawsuit Monday against the city.

The groups’ attorney says the city is breaking the law.

Joel Arends explains, “In the April 2014 election we were promised a conditional use permit for the property out there at 85th and Minnesota. Unfortunately the city Has broken it’s promise and they’ve broken the law by refusing to want to offer a conditional use permit”.

While that is ‘part’ of the suit, there are plenty of other ‘goodies’ in the lawsuit I’m told. Once those details come out, it is going to be a little difficult for WM to start moving dirt in the next couple of weeks, if ever.

I just got word from someone close to the project/SON neighborhood that WM may have pulled their building permit due to a National review of sales and restructuring of the company.

If it is true, I want to congratulate the SON neighborhood for winning their fight!!

UPDATE 1: Just got word that this is still a rumor and city hall is not confirming or denying at this point. It may be a ‘game’ WM is playing to circumvent some zoning changes.

UPDATE 2: Now Walmart is claiming things are ‘On Hold‘.