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There is no drainage issues . . .

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While the dirt movers are f’ing around on the proposed Southside Walmart, which is in the middle of litigation, this photo after about 1.25″ of rain is discouraging. Maybe the construction trailers should be on pontoons?

Sound Familiar Sioux Falls?

Funny how WM’s charitable giving goes up when they need public support. I remember all the charitable donation stories in the local media before the last election:

The Walmart Foundation’s contributions in some cities rose steadily as Walmart tried to curry local support and gain access in those markets, according to the complaint. The foundation donated just over $200,000 to organizations in Los Angeles in 2008 and 2009, the complaint said, but raised that amount to $1.4 million in 2011, just as plans to open a store were getting underway. In 2013, the year that store opened, donations dropped to about $230,000.

“I think if this is truly charitable donations, they would be giving this every year,” said Matt Ryan, the executive director of the nonprofit advocacy group Alliance for a Greater New York, which signed the complaint. “I would characterize it as part of a smoke-and-mirrors campaign that Walmart would run when they’re trying to move into a city.”

I often said instead all the charitable giving or spending almost $20 a vote in a direct marketing campaign, they should have just sent every registered voter a $50 gift card.

Kind of hard to break ground when you have lawsuits pending

UPDATE: Here is the Ballot Language: (DOC: 52013-Ballot-SAMPLE-back)

Funny, Walmart is under the impression they are going to break ground on their new Southside store even though a very multi-faceted lawsuit has been filed against them;

The group “Save Our Neighborhood” which sued the city back in 2013 for violating zoning laws, filed a lawsuit Monday against the city.

The groups’ attorney says the city is breaking the law.

Joel Arends explains, “In the April 2014 election we were promised a conditional use permit for the property out there at 85th and Minnesota. Unfortunately the city Has broken it’s promise and they’ve broken the law by refusing to want to offer a conditional use permit”.

While that is ‘part’ of the suit, there are plenty of other ‘goodies’ in the lawsuit I’m told. Once those details come out, it is going to be a little difficult for WM to start moving dirt in the next couple of weeks, if ever.

Walmart plans remodel of Eastside store

Yet no word on when they will break ground on Southside store . . .

UPDATE: Breaking; Did Walmart pull their Southside building permit?

I just got word from someone close to the project/SON neighborhood that WM may have pulled their building permit due to a National review of sales and restructuring of the company.

If it is true, I want to congratulate the SON neighborhood for winning their fight!!

UPDATE 1: Just got word that this is still a rumor and city hall is not confirming or denying at this point. It may be a ‘game’ WM is playing to circumvent some zoning changes.

UPDATE 2: Now Walmart is claiming things are ‘On Hold‘.

SON may just win afterall, by default

This story is interesting. Could mean a lot of things. WM could build a SuperCenter still in South Sioux Falls, they could also build a neighborhood store, or nothing at all. Maybe WM is realizing that 3 stores are just enough in Sioux Falls. If I was the city of Harrisburg, I would be jumping all over WM to build a neighborhood store there;

Wal-Mart’s shift away from its supercenters toward small stores and online also underscores how it must respond aggressively to a new era of shopping: Consumers are increasingly moving to mobile devices, while at the same time they’re seeking the convenience of small stores.

It may be why WM is backing off on getting a building permit. The irony of all this is that SON may have prevented WM from making a big financial mistake by building a 4th store. Will they get a thank you? Ha.

Walmart waiting to pull trigger on Southside store

There is probably a reason why . . .

The last pending challenge to the south Sioux Falls Walmart store was dismissed by a judge a week ago, but construction crews aren’t building the supercenter yet.

Walmart spokeswoman Delia Garcia said in an emailed statement last week they are evaluating their schedule and will have more information later.

The building permit is hung up, awaiting Walmart’s plans for some street improvements.

My assumption is that first off, the street/entrance plan presented in their original plans are not adding up, and they are probably doing a little back tracking. I also think that there will be more suits filed against them. Walmart may be a rotten company, all the way around, but they ain’t stupid, they know they have to play all of their cards before they can get that permit.

The proposed Southside Walmart has only one access, and no plans for more


There has been plenty of talk about the traffic studies by the proposed SS Walmart before the election, but the facts about access to the retailer were murky. A resident in the SON neighborhood recently spoke with a regional engineer (RE) with the SD DOT, here were the results of there teleconference;

Widening Highway 115 is rescheduled to 2017; this is due to not getting it approved by the state for 2015. The City was going to work on Cliff Ave and the State thought they should wait with the widening project. For 2016, any projects approved and scheduled prior to the last budget were funded, Highway 115 was not. So 2017 seemed the most appropriate time to do the work.

In July 2014, state-wide STIP meetings, to plan projects by DOT were held. They were open to the public (not sure where, probably Mitchell or Pierre) for statewide projects.  Aug to Sept will be the Transportation Commissioners’ meeting to approve projects for 2017. I’m not sure if we could get to communicate with this Board or not.  Usually approved once projects get this far.

One item for SD Highway 115 widening is the right of way. The RE said needs to be sorted through to get them right.

I also told him that 85th from Cliff to Highway 115 had not been asphalted this year as the City had planned. The purpose of this was mostly to provide the detour for Highway 115 widening.

According to The RE, the City is planning to hire a private developer to fix Twin Eagles pond. We had discussed how it floods at least once a year and how the rise in the water table has occurred; how the water keeps recycling through the sump pumps and sits saturated on the south side of 85th. Apparently, the City drainage engineers are trying to see if they can redirect some of the drainage to Heatheridge, as they are draining too much down Mustang and Grange).

The City will supposedly place a retention pond near Highway 100 and one farther south to County Rd 106 just west of Highway 115 (this area was a lake in June 2014). I asked if he knew about the other developments behind Jeff G.’s property and also about the road that more than likely will be put in over to Western Ave.  He was not aware of this.

The State most likely will not be able to tell the City what to do for engineering of drainage. The state will try to do all the highways with 100-year flood levels. I asked if they are redefining those since we are getting them every 2 years, they aren’t. They will also not do drainage studies from the existing areas and new areas and will rely on Sioux Falls.

He was aware of the building issue at 85th and Minn. and the court action pending that is pending. The State is planning to put signal lights at that intersection.  The City is responsible to build out 85th to the 4 lanes at least up to the entrance to the retail development.

So, it looks like the development will have only one intersection in and out until 2017 and will not have the right in/right out on Minnesota. I asked about why the 1/4 mile could not be allowed and maybe push Highway 100 south a bit; he said it would impact the environmental reviews that had just been approved. I don’t think they want to rework the routing. He thing that there will be no more instances of turning over control to the city (like north of 85th).

I’m sure the little driveway approach that is closer to Minn. on 85th on the south side will probably be the construction access.

For the part of Highway 100 that will be NE from Menards north to I90, this will be in 2018.  This will happen before the South will be done. DOT people should have public meetings to show the plans for this road and the bridge over I-90 to Cty121.

The South part will not be started until after 2018. They will be working on designs and right of way purchases. It could be that the DOT may have some shared responsibility with the City on the retention ponds. DOT does not usually deal with retention ponds, but appears they might this time. He thought the City of Sioux Falls would push its southern boundaries to County Rd 106/Highway 115 area.

I asked him how much of WM’s traffic study report from Kimberly Horn DOT had read as WM’s opening day depends on certain roads and traffic signals being completed. That report failed even with the RIRO on Highway 115 and the widening project done. He said that some of the other engineers have reviewed it and that is why they are putting in the traffic signal at the Minn. and 85th intersection.  It seems they will not supersede the city on that.

I’m sure they learned from the Hwy11 disaster. I think they slowed down due to the loss of the Shindler Lawsuit.

Let’s hope they have the access where it was to be on 85th (300 ft east), and not all the way to Audie.  This would also help the Charis corner development across the street.


Southside Walmart asks for building permit

I found it a little interesting that the AL was reporting that Walmart has requested a building permit for their Southside store. The Planning Department says it will take 3-4 weeks to issue the permit. In other words they have to wait to hear what a judge says after the August 18 hearing about ballot language. The city is requesting an immediate/timely ruling. I can guarantee you if the judge rules in favor of the city and Walmart, that building permit will be issued before the judge even leaves the courtroom.

Hearing over municipal ballot language

There is a hearing scheduled for Monday, August 18 (I believe) at the Minnehaha courthouse concerning the ballot language over the rezoning of the proposed Walmart land. The SON neighborhood contends that the language was misleading and that the vote be withdrawn and have a new election.

This should be interesting, because if the city loses they only have a week to request the issue be placed on the November ballot.

Of course, even if the city wins, there will be appeals. Don’t expect to see a NEW Walmart on the southeast part of town anytime soon.