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Stormland TV Censors congressional candidates at debate because of $$$

Wow. I guess KELO-TV just went and flat out said it;

5) In addition to the requirements of Sections 1-4 inclusive, a candidate for a state or federal office must have reported, on official forms filed with the appropriate election authority, accepting at least $50,000 in monetary, as opposed to in-kind, campaign contributions, at least 25 percent of which must be raised from in-state constituents.  For local offices, a candidate must have reported, on official forms filed with the appropriate election authority, having accepted at least $15,000 in campaign contributions.

This is the reason why 3rd party candidates NEVER stand a chance, because the media essentially shuts them out because they don’t spend ad dollars with them. Call that a conspiracy theory all you want, but there is a little truth in it, a least a few years ago. A TV media salesperson told me a few years ago, “It’s NO secret we charge the political candidates more during the last throws of the campaign than we do our regular clients, because we give them the best rotation.”

As a person who works in direct mail and has worked on MANY winning local races the place I work for charges the normal rate. The only thing we require out of the candidates is that we treat them with normal turnaround times like our other clients and that they pay COD.

What is frustrating is that candidates like George Hendrickson has a lot to say. I had a very engaging conversation with George at the PRIDE festival. He is extremely sharp and is just as much qualified as the major party candidates. He would have been great in the debate as well as Mr. Wieczorek and he probably would have not worn faded tan socks at the debate like Bjorkman did 🙁

No surprise coming from Stormland TV’s GM, Jay Huizenga, who was personal friends with our former mayor, and would invite him to the station’s Christmas party and would go with him to Packer’s games in private box seats. I guess George and Ron need to give up some NFL tickets to be able to participate in the debates.

We will NEVER see a change in DC as long as we have a complicit local media that censors certain candidates.

What does eliminating the daily opinion page in the Argus ‘really mean’?

I found this tidbit today in the Argus a little interesting;

For decades, though, curation of reader-created content has been at the center of the Argus Leader’s opinion offering. While today’s social media age allows for immediate sharing of one’s view, few individuals can muster the community reach that a letter to the editor published by the Argus Leader offers.

While there’ certainly value in continuing that platform, we’re making a few adjustments. Starting next week, we’ll increase the opinion presence in the Sunday paper while discontinuing the daily opinion page. As mentioned above, the Sunday Argus Leader has our highest print readership and is a natural place to highlight community views on issues of the day.

That said, without the daily opinion page, we will be more discerning on which pieces run. Letter writers will not have the guarantee of publication. We cannot uphold that promise. We’ll publish the pieces we elect to feature based on their local relevance and the strength of the argument presented.

It’s my hope that these changes, paired with more that are certain to come, will allow us to sustain our opinion-based platforms while keeping the Argus Leader news team focused on the daily delivery of news.

As mentioned earlier in Cory’s column, a third of the daily subscribers are digital only. I’m not sure what that has to do with eliminating the daily opinion page, especially with a month before the mid-term elections. I have thought for awhile that the Argus will reduce it’s dead tree version to 3 times weekly and the Sunday edition. But my bigger concern (besides their lack of daily advertisers) is that our last vestige of local media sharing people’s opinions will be gone. Sure we can comment on blogs and Facebook, but it isn’t the same. I’m just wondering who will be turning out the lights at 10th & Minnesota someday?

Thank you Mayor TenHaken for not talking about the golf tournament

If there is one thing I do appreciate about Paul, it is his modesty. Even a guy who is really into sports hasn’t graced our TV screens about the big event. Can you imagine what our former mayor would have been doing and saying? He even held a press conference once about the PBR event (with his cowboy hat on backwards).

Our local TV media has gone bonkers. KDLT has had the least amount of stories even with a former NCAA golfer as an anchor (maybe they are not getting the Sanford ad dough?) But KSFY and Stormland TV have been over the top.

Is it newsworthy? Sure. But not only do they do stories about the tournament but they tie in other stories like pheasant hunting, weather, cooking, parking and on and on. I’m surprised they didn’t tie the recent homicide to a story about the tournament.

And the ironic part is the tournament hasn’t even started yet.

Is Sioux Falls that boring that the only story is a golf tournament? Notice how there hasn’t been a peep about the ridiculous 85% passage of the school bond. NO ONE is investigating. I guess golf is more important than fair elections.

Let’s face it, I know I have been rebuffed by people that the newsroom and salesroom don’t talk to each other, but I can’t even imagine the amount of money pumped into the TV stations over this golf tournament. It’s sickening.

I also find it a little ironic that probably well over $10 million is being spent to bring this in to raise around $200K for a charity that is under the control of the tournament’s sponsor. Hmmm, wonder if they got some consulting from Hot Harley Nights? **SNARK**, **SNARK**

When you have to bring a helicopter ambulance on the course to dry it out, you have to start questioning our priorities in this community. Not just societal but within our health systems.


Why is the local media being mysteriously quiet about Trump’s visit?

I’d Rather see this guy

Let’s face it, we all know the local media has talked to people attending the event (as I have). So why are they not telling us the location and time?

I will tell you that the location is no longer some gigantic secret. Just drive past the convention center and you will see noticeable traffic diversions. But we all kind of figured that.

What about the time? Well usually with a presidential visit, those things are always up in the air anyway, HA! Literally. But attendees were given a time to ‘be there’. As with most presidential visits they will have to stand around for a long time with their fingers up their butt waiting. Let’s just say it’s between 1 PM and 4 PM.

I also have been told (this is from only one source, so don’t wet your pants) that Noem sold 50, $5,000 tickets. This was the supposed limit, with a 100 people requesting). I have NOT heard how many people are showing up for the trailer park rate of $500.

As you know, I could care less about DC politics. It’s broke as F’ck and we all know the most valuable decisions are made locally when it comes to our lives, taxes, etc. A presidential visit to me doesn’t mean much.

But some have to wonder why our local media is being such chicken sh*ts about telling us the details of the President’s visit?

Oh, that’s right, media revenue. And we know Noem has a boatload of money (and even more tomorrow). We wouldn’t want to spoil tomorrow’s circus? Would we?

The Winners always Win, not because they are winners, but because they have more money. And when you hear that loud sucking sound tomorrow afternoon by the Convention Center, it’s not the elite dropping coin to see Trump, it’s our local media.

Oh, and if you want an alternative to the sh*t show, Tim Bjorkman is handing out FREE food at Terrace Park after 5 PM on Friday. Please Tim, no chili or hotdogs (unless it’s chili hot dogs).

Welcome Back Angela Kennecke!

I saw tonight on KELO-TV Angela is back. While I haven’t always agreed with her reporting, I’m glad she is back in the saddle. As for investigative reporting, she was really the only one at the station doing it, I hope she gets back to that!

And you thought I had bad typos

I often joke with Councilor Stehly that KELO-AM‘s blog often spells her name multiple different ways. All I can say is ‘Fake News’.

CityLink staff must be bored

I guess now with Former Mayor Bucktooth and Bowlcut gone, media services doesn’t have to cover a press conference every time someone had a bowel movement, so now they have to fill in the time with other pressing projects. In fact, I think Mayor TenHaken has had ONLY one press conference since he took the helm. It has been refreshing, unfortunately, this video is NOT;

Cameraman Bruce makes CNN

So I guess they had a few questions about Butina’s lover;

Bruce Danielson, a local resident heavily involved in local politics, said Erickson’s “whole life is connections. He would work a room, like nobody could. Just to make the connections needed to make sure everybody knew he was there.”
“Paul always gravitated towards where power was at,” Danielson said.
Maybe Bruce should have also told them how Paul’s dad blew the roof off the Dakota Dome in the late 70’s. But that’s a story for a different day.

Stormland-TV News plans implosion in October

So Stormland-TV made this decision;

“We are extremely happy to add journalist Bob Mercer to our newsroom,” said Jay Huizenga Vice President and General Manager of the KELOLAND Media Group.  “Bob is a well-respected reporter and columnist and he will provide perspective and experience to our government and political reporting.”

I wonder how they are going to handle having an experienced political reporter on staff? My guess is that the place will implode. I can’t wait to hear the first conversation between Mercer and the News Director, “This is a nice story and all Bob, but there is NO mention of Sanford Hospital in here. We will need a re-write.”

Schwan’s weekly column about integrity in journalism and ‘Fake News’

Jodi made some good points about what separates real journalism from bad journalism;

It’s not fake news just because you don’t agree with it. That’s the understanding those of us in the media have to reach with our readership.

But the prevalence of true “fake news” – accounts created by those other than journalists producing pieces designed to feel like news – puts a higher burden on all of us.

I have often been careful to tell my readers on here whether something is a fact, or if it is a rumor that I’m looking into. I never want anyone coming here saying, “South DaCola said this, so it must be true.” I try to encourage my readers to do their own research and to ask questions of their elected leaders. Ask them if something is true or not. Don’t just make the assumption that since Schwan, the Argus or South DaCola said it, it may be true or untrue.

I think I’m a little different than those ‘news’ sources, because I ask my readers to look for the real story. You may NOT agree with my editorial style or political philosophies, but that shouldn’t stop you from seeking the truth. The ‘News’ is only as good as the quality of information supplied to the reporters. That is why MORE open government and transparency only improves the quality of the news we receive. It’s easy to say something is ‘fake’ when we are not getting all the facts. Former Mayor Coors Light & Olives used blather all the time on various media sources that blogs or the Argus were ‘getting it wrong’. Well how would we know since your administration would never provide us with all the facts. This is why the Argus took the city to the SD Supreme Court over the siding settlement. What did we find out? We found out that the administration was lying about the settlement amount. This is why I tell people if you don’t trust me or another media source, look into yourself.

The only person responsible for spreading ‘fake news’ is yourself if you don’t bother to look deeper. This part-time blogger can only do so much.