This is cool, Rapid City Journal;

A picture is worth a thousand laughs

One of the most original South Dakota blogs is South DaCola. It’s description as South Dakota’s snarkiest political blog is oh so appropriate, but there’s some really good stuff here.

The great thing about the Scott Ehrisman’s images is that they are direct and even when simple, such as this comment on the news that the legislature is questioning Lawrence & Schiller’s no-bid contracts, they certainly get the point across effectively.

Of course, my favorite graphic of Ehrisman’s on no-bid contracts is this one featuring Smiling Mike and a hypothetical budget analysis.

2 Thoughts on “South DaCola makes ‘The Fives’ in the RCJ

  1. nice, Scott!

  2. H/T to Johnny on that one.

    I love how they linked the Louser & Shister story to!

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