9 Thoughts on “Oblivious

  1. redhatterb on January 26, 2009 at 8:15 pm said:

    They even found the money for the new windows in the Pavillion. At this time I don’t think they are a complete necessity.

  2. We also need one of those to refute Mayor Hanks’ “Rapid City is Strong”.

  3. There seems to be a dissconnect? Huh?

  4. Show me Nov and Dec sales tax collections for Sioux Falls.

    They have to be down if the state is down so significantly.

    Three blind mice, Mayor, Chief of Staff, Finance Director.

  5. They were supposed to yesterday – read my post about our tax initiative.

  6. Rounds has access to the information. Why doesn’t the Sioux Falls city council?

    Would it be possible to hide the information until after we sell the bonds? Would this be fraud to those who buy the bonds?

  7. Yeah, yesterday Eugene said they would get the info Wednesday, now he is saying not until next monday . . . wonder what kind of frosting they are putting on the cowpie, huh?

  8. Why isn’t Round sharing the info? Or why isn’t Mr Burns?

  9. Oh go back to watch American idol and drinking beer and don’t worry about it.

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