The Sioux Falls city council is still hung up on this crap. “How dare a citizen question my intentions!” The pure ARROGANCE of this rule change stinks to Holy Hell.

He (McKnight) noted the ordinance indicates that anyone can request an advisory opinion from the board, but at the end, a clause says only a city official may request an advisory opinion about his or her conduct.


“It creates a conflict,” McKnight said.

Councilors say advisory opinions are not always confidential and the process has been used for political purposes.

What!? When I asked for an advisory opinion I was trying to make sure councilors who had conflicts of interest would not vote, in turn PREVENTING anyone from filing a complaint. It was no different then the recent Sanford zoning vote when Bob Litz asked the city attorney if he should vote on it. IT IS WHAT IT IS – AN OPINION! Would they prefer they voted and citizens started filing complaints? I see that as a much worse scenario.

As for claiming it is ‘Political’ – WTF is that supposed to mean? That statement is so ridiculous, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. You are a politician, everything you do when representing city government is ‘political’ DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT?! As a private citizen anything I do is not political, considering at the time I asked for my opinion I did not belong to ANY Political action group and have been a registered independent for over 7 years, I represent myself as a private citizen. Period.

This is just another attempt by our local government to try to silence public dissent.

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