South DaCola hits new record on Wednesday!

Stats yesterday

54,427 Page views

9,742 Computer users

Hey that’s twice as many people that were teabagging at Covell Lake yesterday. I guess I started a revolution.



#1 Plaintiff Guy on 04.16.09 at 7:42 am

Good numbers. A possible voter consortium to unseat 4 council members.

#2 l3wis on 04.16.09 at 7:56 am

Yeah, Theresa opened a can of worms yesterday on Knobe’s show. She talked about how the city attorney’s office is claiming that our petition drive is over because we ‘verbally promised’ to have the petitions turned in by April 10. Even though there is nothing legally binding about it, and they know it. She also brought up the fact that city hall told the city clerk to not discuss the matter specifically with councilor Staggers. Hows that for open government?

I told Theresa we need to keep the pressure up on the city and even turn it up a knotch all the way to the 2010 spring elections. The developers will be throwing a lot of money at the established candidates, but I think we need to seat at least 3 populists on the council and Staggers as mayor. I was kinda on the fence about whether to support Staggers or Costello, but after Costello’s blantant censoring of the lead auditor on Inside Town Hall, I have no interest in anything else he has to say from now on.

#3 Interloper on 04.16.09 at 3:01 pm

Yeah and how many of those hits were through SDWC?

#4 l3wis on 04.16.09 at 3:12 pm

Very little, see graph

#5 Ghost of Dude on 04.17.09 at 8:25 am

What kept you guys from getting the signatures in the time you stated?

#6 l3wis on 04.17.09 at 8:54 am

Not enough people helping and the weather mostly. We had about 25 people to start out with, then they all dissapeared to Pierre to try to end the food tax (even though I told them their attempt would be in vain – which it was) The food and utility tax will have to be eliminated by the voters.

#7 Plaintiff Guy on 04.17.09 at 11:42 pm

Comment 2: I favor your ideas. Any new government representation is less marxist. Petitions get attention but corrupt politicians fear not. How to get voters to the polls? Without public participation, city employees are a socialist majority. The ‘tea party’ got attention. Maybe a ‘douche bag’ party before 2010 at city hall street corner. Let me know when, I’ll show with commercially printed banners and bullhorns.

#8 Plaintiff Guy on 04.17.09 at 11:56 pm

Meanwhile, I have 10K devoted toward anyone who runs against Tornow (pronounced ‘T’orno, like porno) in any election.