Okay, I am a dumbass and did not takes notes at this part of the meeting so I am working off of memory. The facility they are envisioning modeling it after was a college facility (I think?). The place was 33,000 seats (I think?) so obviously scaled back, but the concept would be the same. The reason for the dome (top drawling) is for moveable curtains. In other words, as you can see in the second drawing they can adjust the size of the center, which is a great idea for multiple events, the only problem is they are playing this off a place that is twice the size of what they are proposing. One of the main reasons they all support the HW location is so they can tie it into the expanded convention center, (this is funny, because after the meeting a media person commented to me, “Don’t you think it is funny that Terri Ellis Schmidt controls the task force.” I laughed, and then I thought, they are right. This is about conventions, not entertainment. They know they do not have a tenant, so CVB will be their main tenant, but how is bringing conventions to SF helping citizens for quality of life? Is this an entertainment facility or a convention hall? Good question. That’s why they are pushing for this location. I’m all for expanding the convention center, they make the city a lot of money, BUT, wouldn’t the Arena serve as overflow for them if they needed more space? This whole thing is fishy.

They also seem to be pushing to call it a ‘Coliseum’. You know, like that place where gladiators died.


8 Thoughts on “Event Center Proposed Model

  1. More fucking brilliance. We’ve got Terri Schmidt driving the boat to get a place for big conventions while we have neither the air service nor the hotel or entertainment capacities to attract big conventions.

    And the current plan will do nothing to address the hotel & entertainment capacities. Air is a different animal altogether.

    What’s up with the curtain? Will the carpet match the drapes? Boy that will be fun when you are trying to take in the Hockey game with your kids and Metallica is playing 50 yards away.

    These TF people are on fuckin’ glue.

  2. Ugh, she really is the worst.

    I still want to hear one example of an event that will need 15,000 or 18,000 seats. The curtains are a way to placate those of us who know that the sporting teams don’t need that many seats, but there is no sporting event or concert that they have a shot of booking that will need that many seats.

    As for conventions, despite what that idiot Schmidt says, this is not exactly a destination city. Yes, you can get lots of smaller ag-related or similar groups to come here, but they can never compete with even Minneapolis or Omaha, let alone the usual sites of big conventions (Miami, Vegas, etc.). Hell, even Rapid has a much better chance of enticing a few groups, thanks to the tourist crap out there.

  3. Ghost of Dude on July 22, 2009 at 6:49 pm said:

    Lame Lame Lame.

  4. Im gonna bitch slap those shetbags (search liamkylesullivan on youtube for the reference).

  5. l3wis on July 23, 2009 at 7:19 am said:

    I’m sure you saw the story in the Gargoyle Leader today, I was pretty proud of my note taking abilities, pretty similair facts. Of course, Ellis kicks my ass on writing skills.

    I also noticed on my KELO post about the EC, a commenter brought up that instead of tearing down HW, you could put parking across Western Avenue in McCart park. I guess I never thought of that. Of course the Parks and Rec would scream bloody murder.

  6. Costner on July 23, 2009 at 11:01 am said:

    If they paint this thing right they might be able to snag sponsorship from Old Home Bakery since it looks like a gigantic loaf of bread.

    I can see it now… the Old Home / Wonderbread Center. No word on how they plan to convince people that a piece of bread is the same thing as a hotdog bun.

  7. l3wis on July 23, 2009 at 11:18 am said:

    Funny. I thought the whole complex looked like a giant cock. With the Coliseum the ball sack and the Sheraton the helmet head, ironically the taxpayers will be blowing a big load on the project.

  8. redhatterb on July 23, 2009 at 5:58 pm said:

    I still think the people that live close to Howard Wood aren’t going to want a large concrete parking lot in their neighborhood. Maybe somebody should take a petition around the neighborhood and check that out. I sure wouldn’t want a concrete parking lot close to my house.

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