Save traditional marriage, make divorce illegal


#1 Ghost of Dude on 12.02.09 at 6:28 pm

If I hadn’t heard about this already, I’d have thought it was satire.

#2 Ghost of Dude on 12.02.09 at 6:29 pm

Oh wait. I guess the person who told me about this had no idea this was satire.

#3 l3wis on 12.02.09 at 8:00 pm

I hope you know it is satire, but I hope they try to get it on the ballot.

#4 Plaintiff Guy on 12.03.09 at 10:05 am

Nobody should divorce their dog.

Otherwise, divorce is good for:
The economy (lawyers, tabloid news).
Entertainment, when cops are called.
Attention, when your new love meets your ex.
Great sex, when a support payment is due.
Consolation, when Tiger loses half.