I was reading through the budget amendments tonight (item 14) that will be proposed on Monday night at the city council meeting. Yawn. Besides funding more monkey crappers and shifting money around, there really isn’t any thing of importance.

It seems are councilors think amendments are for SPENDING MORE MONEY instead of saving taxpayer money.

Also I see councilor Harley-Davidson Monopoly wants to increase the room tax even though it would not have a purpose, accept to throw more money at a failing Convention Center.

Next week, the Sioux Falls City Council will consider a proposal that would add a $2 fee on every hotel room in the city.

“In my opinion, it’s the best thing to do,” city councilman Jim Entenmen said.  “Dollars are hard to come by and we’ve got to continue to promote Sioux Falls and it’s getting tougher because there’s more competition for that business.”

Right now, the city spends about a million dollars a year to help fund the Convention and Visitors Bureau.

My suggestion? Make people buying Harley’s pay the same sales tax rate as people buying food. Maybe that would raise some money? Looks like Jim is becoming a regular ole patsy for the mayor.

4 Thoughts on “Days like this make me miss councilor Staggers

  1. On Saturday night you were reading budget ammendments. Man you really do live in the fast lane. gg And don’t RV’rs pay 3%. pretty cheap.

  2. “Right now, the city spends about a million dollars a year to help fund the Convention and Visitors Bureau.”

    Or you know, you could just not give them 1 million dollars of taxpayer money every year. The disconnect from reality just amazes me, perhaps the council and mayor should spend his business income like he wants to spend our taxes.

  3. Vehicle sales taxes are set at the state level however… not much a Sioux Falls councilor could do about it even if they wanted to.

  4. Costner, I realize that, I was just trying to make a point. It seems politicians like taxes that don’t affect them.

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