Apparently Mr. Bragg hasn’t met Mr. Huether

All kinds of money for frivolous shit like monkey crappers, events centers, ski bunny hills, but no raises for the people who maintain our city?! I think this comment says it all;

In general, the municipal employees union was happy with the one-year contract and understands the economic climate. However, it does have concerns with some recent city spending, Magnuson said.

“We are starting to see other money spent in other places, and that’s disturbing to us. We feel that the mayor may be putting money away for the events center and not taking care of employees,” he said.

I wonder if the unions are now regretting their donations to the Huether campaign? Well? Are you?

5 Thoughts on “City of SF spending hypocrisy

  1. On a sidenote, none of this surprises me. I have been hearing from city moles and South DaCola foot soldiers that union negoitiations were going poorly. And I heard the mayor was in the middle of it.

    Yes the economy is shit, but a COLA is appropriate. It’s too bad the city employees did not strike, that’s what I would have voted for.

  2. Pathloss on December 19, 2010 at 2:51 pm said:

    It wouldn’t look good for city employees to get raises. They can settle into the citizen’s class for a few years. Their fat benefits package should not be raised but cut. I’m liking the idea of a city employees strike. We’d hardly notice a difference in services and it would keep Huether embattled so he can’t piss away the budget.

  3. “We’d hardly notice a difference in services” – LOL!

    I will agree, I am on the fence about this one. While, you are right, they probably don’t deserve a raise, there are two things I question;

    – Is the city union worth a shit? Apparently not. They should have gotten at least a COLA. Look at the big freaking raise the Admin people got with the school district.

    – Secondly, if there is no money for raises, fine. But how do we find money for all this other shit? You can’t keep pissing on city employees while throwing money into the EC burn barrel. You think services suck now, how do you think these city employees will treat people now? It’s a little like waiting tables, you always remember the rude people who are bad tippers.

  4. Pathloss – (obviously PG) – I dont believe government workers are allowed to strike. I work for the state and benefits are even better than the city, behind in pay, but yet good. I know some city workers and they are just fine with this agreement and like most people glad to have job security. I think in the article the HR director says they still get many applicants for jobs, so besides you hating the city in every one of your posts, there obviously is alot of people who would love to work there. Lewis is right in his last paragraph.

  5. I have often said there should be a repeal of SD as a right to work state.

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