I know I can be a real ‘Negative Nancy’ when it comes to city business, but this story reassured me that there just might be some hope for our city afterall;

Two alternative energy companies pitched their wind and solar products at a meeting called Thursday by City Councilman Kenny Anderson in City Hall.

This is huge. Not just for saving the city money in energy costs, but this could help the little guy out to;

The extent of demand for small-scale projects in the private sector is less clear. The few obstacles that city zoning and code enforcement might pose – height restrictions, setback requirements – aren’t really the issue, Westall said.

Well, they are an issue, but I won’t go there. If the city decides to use wind and solar, they will have no choice but to allow private citizens to do the same. I know my roof will need to be replaced soon (I’m talking the whole thing, not just shingles) I have considered putting in solar panels. Let’s cross our fingers and hope this comes to fruition.

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