I watched this video twice. And several things are very clear;

• Sanford has donated land for a new ice facility

• They formed a non-profit to collect private corporate donations

• They clearly explain why (they think) there is a need for a facility.

Where it gets a little fuzzy is at the end when they bring up ‘the city of Sioux Falls’ this could be a mirade of things. A TIF district? That’s cool. Or a substantial donation from the city plus a subsidy? I’ll say it again, if you want this facility to be successful and self-sufficient, which seems possible according to your ‘need’ argument, you need to keep the city’s money out of the deal. Taxpayers are tired of white elephants in this city.

I would love to see the ISA explain further what they mean by the ‘city of Sioux Falls’ involvement in the project.


13 Thoughts on “SF Ice Sports Association – About as clear as mud

  1. I agree. Private development means better management and attention to fiscal responsibility. If there really is a need – i.e. a market – then go ahead and fill that need and make a profit.

    Maybe one of these guys talking should be an entreprenuer and make it happen. Sounds like Sanford would invest. Sell shares.

    Then go eat at a nice restaurant and leave a big tip. Everyone is happy.

  2. Private would be great, but it seems people in SF think the city should provide it all, at a loss. The last election cycle folks had an opportunity to elect people that would be a little more responsible and not take the simple way of govt finance of so much, but alas we have the credinator as mayor *sigh*.

  3. redhatterb on December 10, 2010 at 7:39 pm said:

    I really don’t understand why the city should provide all the various sporting arenas or whatever, that the parents of all these prospective pro athletes require. Get private investors to sponsor the whole thing and name it after them. That is easy enough to figure out. The city has enough on it’s plate without sponsoring more sports arenas.

  4. i love how they toss “economic development” out there. the only ones to “develop” on this will be the contractor that builds the place.

  5. Before we slaughter the group, I’m hoping they will come on here and explain themselves when it comes to ‘city involvement’ This video seems to be a private fundraising video. I’m wondering when they talk about the city, they are talking about some deregulation and tax abatements and that is it. I think the ISA can raise the money privately.

  6. BTW, a little birdy told me that a South DaCola foot soldier was railing on the mayor this morning about the budget on the Belfrage show. So who was it? Costner or Poly? Fess up boys, I also love it that your referenced South DaCola.

  7. Pathloss on December 10, 2010 at 11:34 pm said:

    “Taxpayers are tired of white elephants in this city.”

    Well said L3wis. Agreed, it’s nice to have outside venues. The city doesn’t have to participate and (in this economy) they can’t afford to. Clean up the mess and fix infrastructure. I love this town. The old guard reacts from a shoot ready aim perspective. Administration is career politicians and token richy rich fudge makers. Someone from a real business background could restore values and democracy.

  8. The old guard reacts from a shoot ready aim perspective.

    That is a problem. In the end, they will end up shooting themselves in the foot though. Was reading the Argus article about the “team” we are hiring to build our McArena. Cotter says the budget for this ‘team” will be no higher $400,000. I wonder if that is in addition to the $500,000 they’ve already picked from our pockets?

  9. So who was it? Costner or Poly? Fess up boys, I also love it that you referenced South DaCola.

    Was not me. What else did that little birdy tell you about that conversation? Have never listened to Belfrage. There are enough right wing nutcakes on the radio already. Listening to a local one is just not in my DNA anymore. Used to listen to Knobe when Randy McDaniels was still there. I remember one time I called in and asked Rick about George Bush and his seven minute impersonation of a wax museum figure staring at the pages of My Pet Goat. Rick proceeded to raise his voice, call me un-american, and hung up on me. The casual listener would have thought I was still on the line humbled by the great Rick Knobes oratory skills, while I was being soundly schooled by the “pro”. That’s the problem. These talkshow guys control the dialog. They don’t like what yer sayin, they simply hangup and yell at an imaginary caller.

  10. It was Costner then. He was asking about the Mayor’s office bonuses being reduced in 2011.

  11. It was Costner then. He was asking about the Mayor’s office bonuses being reduced in 2011.

    Do you happen to know how Belfrage reacted? I’m guessin he played dumb. From what I’ve heard…easy for him.

  12. Seems like no ice facility is needed since the mayor won’t plow all the streets. All everyone has to do is go out and skate on the streets. Today would be a good day to start.

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