What happened to Ghost of Dude?

I was going to drop you an email, but I was hoping this image of your favorite movie would pull you out of the depths.


#1 Sy on 02.10.11 at 7:49 am

New job = no internet surfing/snarky blogging at work.

Wife & kid = no internet surfing/snarky blogging at home.

Weekends = honey do list, killing & cooking of tasty animals, fix stuff kid broke during the week before.

Or he just woke up one day and realized how pointless and futile this whole internets thingy actually is.

#2 Angry Guy on 02.10.11 at 8:30 am

Short of the half litre of beer I spilled on DL this weekend, I can blame almost every instance of my lameness on my children. I’m sure GoD is in the same boat.

#3 l3wis on 02.10.11 at 2:08 pm

The internets are pointless.