Madison, SD’s government giving taxpayer dollars to private business (H/T – Madville)

There is other ways to give incentive to a business to create jobs, but apparently in Madison, the only incentive is your tax dollars. This kind of shit goes on in Sioux Falls to;

I knew it! The dog ordinances on Monday’s Madison City Commission agenda are a ruse to distract us from the corporate welfare our commissioners plan to hand out. Madison is taking sales tax dollars away from homebuyers and other towns to subsidize one local business,Custom Touch Homes.

It’s quite the scam to;

Follow the money here, people: right now, if Custom Touch sells a $100,000 house to someone in Sioux Falls, Sioux Falls gets $2,000 and Custom Touch gets $100,000. If Madison’s city commissioners o.k. this sales tax rebate, then Sioux Falls gets bupkis. Madison gets $1,000. Custom Touch gets $101,000. Taxpayers outside of Madison subsidize a boost in pure profit for a Madison business. Clever!

I get so tired of these handouts in the name of creating jobs. But are they good jobs? They should be living wage, dependable jobs, but that is not always the case.