This should come as no surprise that the school board wants to belly up to a trough;

The board voted unanimously recently to adopt a resolution urging voters to support the Moving South Dakota Forward group’s initiated measure, which seeks to increase the sales tax rate from 4 percent to 5 percent, splitting the proceeds evenly between public schools and Medicaid providers.

Yet there is NO guarantee the money will go towards these objectives. Remember video lottery? Or better yet the state’s investment fund that has $800 million dollars sitting in it to help with school funding when we come up short? Instead of encouraging increasing a regressive sales tax why not lobby our legislature to use the investment fund? If this makes the ballot, it will fail hard, and we will be back to square one, an irresponsible governor and legislature refusing to use emergency funds for their original intent. It’s time school boards across the state hold down our governor and legislature and give them a good old fashioned apple rub.

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