This is the look he gives me when I won’t throw his ball. For still having his nuts, he sure acts like a little bitch.

8 Thoughts on “Sodapop is a Sodapoop

  1. Lemming on August 24, 2011 at 10:59 pm said:

    The B/W version is great! – It looks like it should have some kind of greeting on it

  2. The lighting was awesome. I have big maples in my backyard and lots of hanging forage on my fence, it was morning sunshine at about 8:30 AM and it lit up that spot thru the trees. I first got the idea when I saw him sitting there, and I tried to take a shot but he got up, so I had to coax him with the ball. Digital cameras kinda suck, accept in natural light, they take great picts.

  3. EggBert on August 25, 2011 at 7:54 pm said:

    Dr. Mr. Detroit Lewis Drug:

    My Aunt Bertha Bullroar wants to relay some important information to you: “Whether your dog SoderPoop is a poop, a bitch, or nutless, you need to show your balls (literally) and throw him the doggone &$%@# ball! What is your problem, lazy hippie slacker? Why I oughta sick neighbor Creamy Nugent’s dog, Pubes, and her pussy, Mr. Lucky O’LickMeister on your $%#*& so they can both do unpleasant and icky things to your Golden Turkey Turd genitalia!!! Then Poop can join in with Creamy’s Pubes and Pussy, lick you up one side up the other and make your world a living’ Barry Sadism Hussain O’Bummer Hell!!!”

    Whew – you shouldn’t get Aunt Bertha so riled up like this or your libel to lose YOUR nuts, beeeeeeiiiiiiitttch!!!


    EggBert, Creamy’s Pubes and Pussy, sweet hug-a-bear Auntie Bertha, and newcomer to the ever-growin’ EggBert family – former SoderPoop, now renamed Vernon Poopster DeeDee Migillicuddy Schlitz M. Nixon…

  4. Mr. Lucky O’LickMeister

    How is he doing anyway?

  5. EggBert on August 26, 2011 at 5:07 pm said:

    Dear Mr. 13wuss:

    As my dear, beloved Aunt Bertha put it, “You’ll find out soon enough if you don’t throw Poop a bone or ball because Mr. Lucky O’LickMeister WILL INDEEDY GO Maggoty on your Shamrock!!!”

    I’m tellin’ you, smut-boy, stay away from her darker side or she will go “dim on your Brite-Lite” if I know what she means…


    EggO’Bert HumpHerDink

  6. Someone once called him my black and white grandson.
    Heaven forbid!

  7. And he is still waiting for his x-mas and birthday gifts, from the past 6 years. BTW, he prefers cash.

  8. lewis, you are so funny!!!

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