14 Thoughts on “The SF Ice Sports Association is going it alone, and spending a lot less then the city ever would

  1. So you’re saying that they’ll create a facility that doesn’t require the tax payers’ money, will more than likely stay in the black, and be adequate for what they need?

    I’m sure some politician somewhere is trying to find a way to derail this as being outside of the scope of logic and reason.

  2. Several months ago at an Informational meeting the Council indicated that the discussion of public/private partnerships will be on their “plate” in 2012.

    It’s about time…………!!!

    IF the precedent that the South Dakota Jr. Football Association has set is any indication of how these agreements are going to “play out” for the taxpayers, then citizens need to be paying very close attention!!!

    The new SD Jr Football Complex (at the Sanford Complex) is the result of a $5.7 million Quality of Life Bond. When this deal was cut several years ago, it was stipulated in a legal contract between the taxpayers and the Association that the city’s portion of the $5.7m was to be $4.2m with the remaining $1.5m to be the Association’s responsibility.

    I believe that they have not met this obligation. The contract stipulates that they will not have access to the new fields unless these terms are met. They are scheduled to begin playing at the new facility in 2012!!

    NOW, we have the “fuzzy math”of the Ice Sports Association.

    I was at the Park Board meeting when the MOU was signed by the City and the Ice Sports Association. When they gave their formal presentation to the Board the number that they used was $7.7 million……where is this new number of $11.1 million coming from!!??

    So we have:

    ICE Sports Association 2.5m

    Chamber Appeal 1.5m

    Leaving the taxpayers “holding the bag” for $7.1 million!!!!

    And, close on their heels will be the Sioux Falls Tennis Association and the swim teams!!!!

    Yes, Councilors, I think it is “past time” for a discussion of public/private partnerships!!!!!!

  3. Cornholio on December 15, 2011 at 2:52 pm said:

    cr – At this point, the city has only agreed to match the monies raised in the Chamber appeal – $1.5m in the CIP, and that will come in the form of equipment (which the city retains title). The purpose of the City’s share is to provide public use of the facility.

    $7.7m is a barebones cost for the project. The ISA’s ultimate goal, if it can raise the money, is to build a facility with 4 sheets of ice (that would take the price tag up to $11.1m).

    Now, imagine if they can raise enough money to put 3,500 seats around the main ice sheet. Think the Stampede might take a serious look? Remember, once this facility opens the SFIRC (the Stampede’s city-owned practice facility) will close. Stampede need to cut a deal!

    MMM told the Council on Monday that we “should be doing back-flips” because the Skyforce are moving to the Pentagon. What contortions will MMM do if the Stampede essentially do the same?

  4. cornholio….

    I agree, I think there may be a risk that the City will loose the Stampede as a tenant. Gary Weckworth was at last week’s Informational meeting taking notes on the “discussion”! I’m sure he must be weighing his options. I’m guessing that he is also using the Ice Sports Association’s proposal as leverage to try to get a better “deal” at the new EC.

    Private donations of 2.5m, Chamber Appeal of 1.5m, taxpayer’s 1.5m contribution…….do you really believe that the Ice Sports Association is NOT going to show up on the taxpayer’s “doorstep” for the remaining $5.6 million!!??

    I watch local “happenings” far too closely to ever believe that……………..!!!

  5. Like I said on our latest show, I have a problem if Weckworth bails on the new building. One could argue that his team is the only one that “needs” a new facility, as they’re not playing on a regulation sized rink. In the weeks running up to the election, he was one of Huether’s unofficial spokesmen, constantly harping to the media how the city “needs” (I’ll always put quote marks around that word when it comes to the EC) to have this built. Now that he’s getting what he wants, he wants to bail on it unless his rent remains the same? Screw that. Nobody wants to pay more than what they’re currently paying, but if you’re benefiting from the upgrade (particularly a $200 million upgrade) you should expect your rent to go up. Remember, his team is by far the most profitable in town as not only do they still have a pretty good attendance record but they DON’T pay their players.

  6. I would think the he would prefer a dedicated ice facility. If I were in his place – I would. Frankly, the era of the multi-use monstrosities like the EC is over. Just like the age of suburban sprawl and rural residentialism is over. (Or will be VERY shortly)

  7. “Frankly, the era of the multi-use monstrosities like the EC is over.”

    Well, Fucking, Duh! And I am not making fun of you, but actually applauding that statement. As a music fan, I figured out a long time ago, that seeing you favorite bands in a 1000 seat club or even smaller is much better then a concert hall. I still talk about the Fishbone show I saw at Nutty’s North a few years ago in which Angry Guy and I got our ears blown out by a trumpet 2 feet from our faces. The fact remains, and I will repeat myself. We have no tenants. Sports or otherwise. We have no conventions (our airport and hotels cannot support them) and we have no major concert tours lining up. This has always been about taking $115 million dollars of taxpayer money and injecting it to a handful of contractors.

    In fact a South DaCola foot soldier told me the other day that the mayor’s wife (uh, the mayor) is a private investor in many developments around town.

    Whatever, don’t care. People need to make money, I get that. It is the lack of transparency that pisses me off. The next time the mayor cries in public, I hope to be there, so I can hand him a fucking tissue.

  8. Point is – this city is still planning for the ’80s – at least as far as the EC is concerned. 30 years late – as is the SOP for this whole frikkin’ state. See an idea some where else, and try to replicate it here. Hell with being up on the cutting edge of social change.

  9. BTW – the vast majority of the musical perfomances I’ve experienced have been from the perspective of running a sound board. Of the few I’ve attended as a pure fan – all were in smaller venues. This has been the case for me for over 40 years. I have never been to a concert in a really large venue. NEVER.

  10. this city is still planning for the ’80s

    You nailed it. Why else would we be building a 20-something mile long circumferential highway around the city with $4 gas (or higher) on the horizon?

  11. Analog Kid on December 17, 2011 at 12:22 am said:

    Cedar Rapids has one of these which does pretty well. I think it’s only a couple years old. Totally private – no public/private partnership to funnel money.

  12. It can be profitable, but everyone wants to use the city as the fallguy.

  13. AK – the main difference to the SF plan and that at CR is that CR’s is smack in the middle of DownTown, and the state it is at now is right whewre SF was at 10 years ago. They are adding convention center spoace to an existing arena and using it to connect to a hotel.

    They ARE NOT building a new (2nd) arena – they are adding flat floor space similar to SF’s existing Convention Center.

    The Cedar Rapids Convention Complex includes a new exhibit hall, ballrooms, meeting rooms and pre-function space, plus a renovated events arena and renovated hotel with an additional ballroom and meeting room space. The new complex will be approximately 435,000 square feet, including:
    â– 129,500 square feet of new convention center space
    â– 129,400 square feet of renovated arena space
    â– 176,000 square feet of renovated hotel space

    Overall, the complex will feature approximately 72,300 square feet of exhibit space, 13,000 square feet of ballroom space and 21,500 square feet of meeting room space.

  14. In addition – you are completely wrong when you state that the Cedar Rapids facilities are “Totally privately funded.”

    They certainly ARE NOT

    •March 2011: City takes possession of hotel
    •March – July 2011: Demolition of nearby buildings (Armstrong-Race Realty building, Pro-Park parking ramp, First Avenue parking ramp and hotel ballroom)
    •April 2011 – November 2012: Hotel renovation
    •July 2011: U.S. Cellular Center closed
    •August 2011 – November 2012: Arena renovation
    •October 2011 – Spring 2013: Construction of new convention center
    •Spring 2013: Grand opening of new Cedar Rapids Convention Complex

    Funding Sources for Convention Center Construction & Arena Renovation
    •US Dept of Commerce EDA Grant = $35 million
    •State I-JOBS Grant = $15 million
    •The Hall-Perrine Foundation = $2.5 million
    •Estimated City Funds = $29.5 million

    Funding Sources for Hotel Renovation
    •Insurance Settlement from Sinclair Fire = $3 million
    •Estimated City Funds = $22 million

    Funding Source for Parking Ramp Construction
    •Estimated City Funds = $10 million

    Estimated Project Costs
    •Land Acquisition, Convention Center Construction and Arena Renovation = $82 million
    •Land Acquisition and Hotel Renovation = $25 million
    •Construction of Parking Garage = $10 million
    •Construction of Roosevelt Fire Escape Stairway = $3 million
    •Total Estimated Project Cost = $120 million


    If my math is still working – that tells me the CITY is paying for $111MM of the total of $120MM.

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