South DaCola is researching ALEC past and present members in our state’s political and non-political offices. It has been interesting dig so far but I could use your help (I have already gathered several financial reports, post update coming soon).  It would make the job easier if we could secure any lists of past membership, let’s say from 2000 to now.  So if you are in possession of any old lists I sure would like to have a copy. You can send it anonymously to me, if you choose to.

It would be appreciated.

UPDATE: What year did SOS campaign reports start?  We can only find some campaign reports for 2002 and before, for example Kristi Fiegen’s 1995-2001 are not to be found.

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    I am sure that you have checked out this site.

    They post these in the footnotes of Alec ties to SD. This link is based on 2011 I believe.

    I think Lederman is looking to replace Val Rausch as chair for the state

    Here is a connection to SD Rushmore PAC

  2. Testor15 on August 18, 2012 at 11:07 pm said:

    I was just wondering if anybody has thoughts about the finance reports of the county elective officials? Who is financing our county auditors and others?

  3. I tried to find it on the SOS’s website, and I could not find the campaign finance reports for county candidates, like auditors.

  4. Great explanation of ALEC – even the kids can get it!

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