Thought I would never say that? Huh? Bob is my new hero for getting a second opinion about the monopoly Dougherty and Company seem to have on bonds, not only in our county and city, but also for our state;

While Litz’s approach of basically shopping around the county’s business is a bit unusual, he made a point when he said his job is to be responsible for the taxpayer.

Unusual, HE IS THE COUNTY AUDITOR! It is his job to make sure the county, and ultimately the taxpayers are not getting ripped off. But of course, this is coming from an ED board that has it’s heads so far up the elite’s asses in this town, it is not even funny anymore.

The bigger question here my be, “Has Dougherty been giving taxpayers a fair shake all along on bond sales?” Remember, Dougherty gets a COMMISSION on bond sales, not a flat fee. Think about that one.

By l3wis

9 thoughts on “South DaCola ‘Thumbs Up’ to County Auditor Bob Litz”
  1. I have heard that Republicans are not real happy with Litz.
    Perhaps this is the hidden reason….?

  2. I’m still upset with Lutz taking EC votes home before they were counted. The next morning, The EC passed with an amazing margin.

  3. How bout something here for opinion regarding Obama spying via Verizon phone records.

  4. PL – even if your election fraud theory is true, I don’t think Litz had a clue about it. I have often felt it had more to do with registering clueless voters.

  5. Lewis, EC vote could and maybe should have been investigated. To late now, it must be built but will take another hundred or so mil. I’ve been scouting locations for a new private garage between EC & the airport. It’d be covered parking for $10 per day or event with 15 minute van service.

  6. My forsight is EC parking will not be free. Also, airport parking was expanded but is still full and uncovered surface. Darrin Smith is the director of parking. Get busy Garfunckle or there will be private competition.

  7. Incidently, absolutely no reason for phone records spying. For $30 cash, any terrorist or teabagger can buy and anonymously use a phone bought at Walmart.

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