Man, this guy really doesn’t get the whole ‘Freedom of Religion, Establishment Clause’ thingy;

Mayor Mike Huether’s office was informed yesterday that the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty was planning to acknowledge the City of Sioux Falls and also Mayor Huether in a news release issued today. This relates to the City’s Paint the Plows program, which uses student artwork.

“Sioux Falls is becoming more and more diverse every day, and that is something we celebrate here. We value diversity and differing opinions. Everyone is important in our town,” says Mayor Mike Huether.

Here is the acknowledgement;

This year, inspired by the good cheer and common sense of the Mayor Mike Huether of Sioux Falls, we are bestowing the city of Sioux Falls the (momentary) Ebenezer award but promptly toasting the mayor.

Sioux Falls was our #1 contender for the Ebenezer award after it notified a private school that the city snowplow blades its young students had labored over and decorated would be repainted and censored. Why? Because the students had decided to celebrate the season with—gasp!—artwork celebrating the religious nature of Christmas.

The city, which had previously accepted religious art, momentarily lost its way when one lone atheist claiming to be part of the Siouxland Freethinkers filed an informal complaint.

The irony of this is that the Mayor is using city resources (Website, IT and Communications public employees) to applaud an award from a Religious Organization that promotes religious liberty (infiltrating government with theocracy). He demonstrates he still doesn’t understand the US Constitution OR the Establishment clause, and further uses tax payer resources to promote a specific religious view.

Mike, if you want to brag to your friends at church or to your co-workers about the award, go for it ‘Mr. Wear My religion on my sleeve’ but stop using tax dollars to promote Christianity.

I just finished reading American Lion, the book about President Andrew Jackson, here is passage from the book that I think Mayor Huether should read;

A third early president—Andrew Jackson—was similarly convinced that the Establishment Clause prohibited presidents from declaring a national day of prayer. Though a devout Christian, Jackson was prepared to veto a proposal by Senator Henry Clay to declare a day of prayer and fasting. His veto message would have explained that, although he personally was convinced of the “efficacy of prayer in all times,” the Constitution “carefully separated sacred from civilian concerns,” and accordingly he believed it his “duty to preserve this separation and to abstain from any act which may tend to an amalgamation perilous to both.” Jon Meacham, AMERICAN LION: ANDREW JACKSON IN THE WHITE HOUSE 207 (2008) (quoting draft veto message). Once his opposition was made known, the proposal died without the need for him to veto it. Id.

6 Thoughts on “Mayor continues to politicize the Jesus Snowplow issue

  1. Can we also count taxpayer dollars spent on the time snowplow drivers have to spend futzing with the stupid disclaimer signs? Saw at least one plow stopped on 57th street yesterday with the driver messing with a sign dangling from only one side. Weren’t they worried about snow gates slowing down the plowing?

  2. The mayor says “Sioux Falls is becoming more and more diverse every day, and that is something we celebrate here. We value diversity and differing opinions. ” Really???????? One needs a shovel to get through that comment. He and the other PTB in SD celebrate diversity of opinion as long as everyone has their opinion.

  3. I guess Bill O’Reilly did a segment about this tonight. That’s all our mayor needs for his ego.

  4. Dan Daily on December 18, 2014 at 1:39 pm said:

    So if you’re a Scientologist, can you paint L Ron Hubbard on a snowplow?

  5. Dan Daily on December 18, 2014 at 1:47 pm said:

    I suppose all the unpainted plow blades are dedicated to atheists and a few freethinkers. The best way to stop this foolishness is a petition that all plows should be painted with names of gods. I’ll do ‘Thor’, fewer letters. We’re gonna have lots of new plows.

  6. Winston on December 19, 2014 at 1:45 am said:

    Since the city doesn’t know how to plow any more, it’s has become merely an academic issue….. Who is ever going to see them….. 😉

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