I will have to admit, two of the coolest people I have ever met and known in Sioux Falls are Jeff and Jamie Danz.

Here is an Argus Leader video of some of Jeff’s ‘stuff’

You should see the basement, WOWZERS!

Zandbroz was my first real love when I moved to Sioux Falls in 1991. I used to live behind Gigglebees and would walk DT once a week to have quiche at the Sodafalls and an Italian Soda or Raspberry Smoothie. At this time there wasn’t much business DT, Minerva’s and Zandbroz was about it, pretty sleepy. I was going to school and didn’t make much money, but would always make an effort to have my weekly lunch there.

Jamie and I have done live music art together for several years and always connect really well.

I encourage everyone to peruse their store.

3 Thoughts on “Zandbroz Back Room

  1. That was cool. Thanks for sharing

  2. I remember the soda fountain and have always been perplexed as to why it was eliminated. Aside from the sometimes bad service, the food and drinks were good and I enjoyed lunches at the counter. I used to go to the store quite frequently as the management at one time, used local talent to a great extent. That ended and so did my patronage.

  3. I have always wanted to go there and check it out, but have never had a way to get there. I don’t want to go bad enough to take a cab. Now with my health the way it is I just don’t have the energy to go exploring.

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