I want to make something very clear, I really don’t personally care where Jenna lives, in fact I would prefer it was on the moon so her and her pseudo BF/legislator could stop introducing legislation about terrorist groups invading wombs.

All of the information I have posted can also be found on the inter-tubes via the googles on the internets and SOS website.

So where does this all come from? Well, a constituent got curious after the District 10 legislator exclaimed she moved out of her parents house at her last Legislative coffee.

See, when Jenna ran for her District 10 seat, she still was holed up in her parents basement eating pudding and watching Hannah Montana movies. Which was District 10, so if she moved, specifically out of her district, she would have to tell the state legislature and resign. If she moved within her district she would not have to resign, but still report that to the state legislature, but more importantly the constituents of her district.

So, if it is true what Waldo Haggar said, that she moved out of the crib, where the Hell is she living? And is it in her district?

Good question.

If you look at the documents below, she lists her parents address when she ran for office, but to this day lists a PO box for her personal address. Then she lists another address (In the Harvester Building Downtown SF) for her business, and PAC which is actually the address of a photography studio owned by someone else in District 15.

First off, Jenna’s business ‘Vashti Media‘ doesn’t really do much, but that is a whole other discussion, but in that same thread, neither does her Women’s PAC. But what is mysterious about the whole situation is this;

• Jenna claims at a legislative coffee she moved out of Papa Bear’s home

• She lists a PO box as her address

• She uses a photography studio’s address (and they do exist) as the address of her ‘business’ and ‘PAC’

Yet nobody knows in District 10 just exactly where Jenna lives. Interesting.


4 Thoughts on “Where’s Waldo Jenna Haggar?

  1. Hilarious on February 21, 2015 at 9:11 pm said:

    You misunderstood her joke at the Cracker Barrel last week. Her going to the Senate was the only way her dad could get her out of the House.

  2. you should write a column on henna’s “business”. she claims to be a social media expert, but her “business’s” facebook page only has one like. sounds like she got her money’s worth to me.


  3. What happened to working for the chiropractor? Too tea baggy? No room for advancement?

  4. Jacob Miller on January 20, 2018 at 8:22 am said:

    Found her!!! Rumor at the capital and rep Isaac Latterell confirmed, she lives in Texas. She has been there since summer 17. Pretty cool she can represent district 10 in Texas. Probably writes off her mileage it takes her to drive to Pierre.

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