Since Jenna got married there has been much speculation if she still lives in SD anymore. Curiously her husband’s last job was listed in Wichita, KS that he left in December of 2016. Rumor around the capital is that she has been living with her husband in Texas. This of course would disqualify her to be a State Senator in South Dakota. Also interesting is that her address listed on her legislative page is a PO Box. I know that Jenna is pretty petite, but it would be pretty hard to live in a PO Box. So is claiming South Dakota residency while living in Texas? Many are wondering. Will leadership in Pierre have her give proof of residency?

The irony is that I haven’t seen Jenna for well over a year. Not that we run in the same circles, but I used to run into Jenna in Downtown Sioux Falls at least a couple times a month.

Like her father who is supposed to be banned for lobbying for a year in Pierre yet was there lobbying, it seems Jenna may have no disregard for the rules.

5 Thoughts on “Is District 10 Senator Jenna (Haggar) Netherton living in SD?

  1. She sounds like a “RV Voter.” You know, they need representation too.

    It is not that she and her father break rules, rather their extreme libertarian bent causes them to scoff such laws all in the name of civil disobedience…. Ya that’s it, they are in the same league as Gandhi and King…. (Hahahahaha)

  2. I got to thinking a little more about this. Weren’t there reports that she was living in her parents’ basement in D10, while representing D15 as an “Independent” a few years ago? So this is really not anything new, is it?…. Boy, that “extreme libertarian bent” is sure stubborn, isn’t it?

    Or, maybe the reason no one can find her is because she heeded Senator Thune’s advice “to get small”…. Have they found her in Pierre, yet? (Or, maybe was she inspired too much by Matt Damon’s recent movie?….Hence, “Senator Downsizing”….. Ya, that’s it, getting smaller and going “Down” to Texas.)

  3. Funny that this comes up today because yesterday I was cleaning out my bookmarks and one of them was her hilarious undercover smokeshop investigation.

  4. The D@ily Spin on January 23, 2018 at 11:59 am said:

    Supposedly, a PO box is legal residence. Most would be ashamed to hold office in one state while living in another. I wonder who’s voted for her. Shame on them.

  5. and the dems sit on their thumbs.

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