Jenna Haggar, former lobbyist for South Dakota Right to Life, self-declared chiropractic assistant, Dr. and Leslee Unruh devotee, and Republican state Senate candidate in District 10 (Brandon and Northeast Sioux Falls), was attacked by a deer last week as she drove between Brandon and Sioux Falls. Speculating on the motivation behind the attack, South Dakota’s chief large animal behaviorist, Dr. Lester Black, said the deer, “…having ingested a number of Jenna Haggar’s flyers, was quite likely overcome by the sheer banality of the woman.” The Dr. continued, “What I mean to say is that there is just no substance there. I mean the woman boasts of being home schooled and not having a college degree, yet she claims she supports public education. Give me a break. I think the deer had just had enough. They are quite irritable this time of year anyway.”

3 Thoughts on “Jenna Haggar attacked by Jihadist Deer (H/T – Drinking Liberally SF)

  1. She reminds me of Thune does she ever get anything done, or be the mayor and t=Thune photo ops .Where can I be soon.

  2. She’s auditioning to be the next “Capitol Barbie” after Kristi “SoDak’s own Imitation Palin” Noem either moves up or out…

  3. Who knows, perhaps the deer was in a hurry to get to her second job and didn’t see the car racing down the road.
    Spoiler alert South Dakota is the 7th worst state in the list.

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