I started thinking about this the other day, and not to beat a dead horse, but I noticed that my rejection letter I received for my attempt at being on the county commission was signed by the chair.


So I wondered, if the county commission didn’t have a part in picking the five finalists, how is it that the chair was privy to the 29 applicants, apparently she knew who they all were (which is fine) because she signed the rejection letters.

My point is, if the commissioners (and another commissioner confessed to me that they did know who all the applicants were) were privy to ALL of the applicants, why wasn’t the public?

We can cry all we want about running transparent and accurate elections in the county, but when we appoint someone, that process should be transparent also.


One Thought on “Minnehaha County Commission application process

  1. Let it go….You’re starting to look needy.

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