Remember in our Part 1 we experienced Tracy Turbak throwing a hissy fit followed by Sue, Kendra and the staffer? Each running from the room because we showed up with the camera? Well part 2 left us with just Council Chair Kenny Anderson, council member Rick Kiley, ace Argus Leader reporter Joe Sneve with Cameraman Bruce to sort out the mess they were left with.

Just like everything else this administration seems to do, they cut and run when the going is a challenge.

Joe Sneve did a great job asking questions to the two somewhat stunned council members who tried to carry on with the message they wanted to present.

We thank them for the job they did. It’s a shame the city staff was such sissies and had to run away instead of answering any questions. Oh that’s right, the Sioux Falls city’s chief marketing officer didn’t give them a script to follow. We find it hard to keep for them to keep their stories straight when there are cameras around.

We bring our cameras because we have to constantly compare each story given against the last one we heard.

So we ask, who are the kids who run the asylum in this example? These four sat in a room like adults and we at southdacola thank them.

By l3wis

One thought on “After Tracy and I got our pouty pants on, there was still a meeting”
  1. Hopefully, those remaining realize there’s a problem with public information and record keeping. City finance has to ‘Show us the money’. Turdtrap (damn spellcheck) acted like the spoiled brat who takes his ball home if he can’t play quarterback.

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