This cake tastes kind of oily

Just when you think the Sioux Falls city council is going to do the right thing (they needed 5 votes to pass the Dakota Access Pipeline at the council meeting tonight) Rex Rolfing gets confused and the City Attorney allows him to revote (with his FIRST vote they denied the pipeline, then he switches it.) Item #8

Not sure what he was thinking, but with an important vote like this, not sure how you can just flip on a dime? We will get to his ‘reasoning’ in a moment.

It wasn’t like he was asked if he wanted vanilla or chocolate ice cream, he was voting on a dangerous pipeline (that we don’t benefit from as tax payers) running under our property, I could care less if it is 700 feet 700,000 feet. Leaks and breaks can occur at any point in the line.

Either you are for or against, for whatever your reasons or justifications. There really isn’t a grey area.

After Mayor Huether chastised the Dakota Access representative for talking about something more then the 700 feet of easement (even though he needed to talk about the entire area and Huether was being a jerk about the discussion).

They vote 4-3 and go into the next item. But wait, somebody wasn’t thinking (mainly Rolfing) and towards the end of the meeting they bring it to a re-vote.

Wait a minute, already failed. If Rolfing felt he mis-voted at the time, he could have said that right away AFTER the vote, not 15 minutes later. Probably the longest recorded brain fart in the history of the council.

Then Rolfing says he didn’t understand it needed 5 votes to pass, so he meant to vote yes but was voting NO to prove a point about supporting neighbors.


Voting on dangerous oil pipeline easements is NOT a f’ing game, you can’t have your cake and eat it to. Buck up, think about what you are doing and make a decision, otherwise, resign and let some responsible legislators lead our city.

By l3wis

One thought on “Councilor Rolfing has the longest brain fart in the history of the Sioux Falls City Council”
  1. If RR wanted it to pass, he should have voted “YES” the first time.

    This has to be against some law or something. Where can a complaint be filed?

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