Wally Wingert, who grew up in Sioux Falls and graduated from Washington High in 1980, is in Los Angeles doing his thing.

2 Thoughts on “Wacky Wally’s Vintage Toys!

  1. John Kennedy Claussen on March 7, 2016 at 9:26 pm said:

    For what it is worth, he graduated from WSHS in ’79. I did not know him well, but he was a classmate of mine and I remember having a few conversations with him in Econ class.

    During a WSHS variety show back then, he came out and did a one man act imitating Andy Kaufman of “Taxi” fame and just stoled the show with it. It was an amazing act of perfection of the Kaufman character and of Kaufmans multiple imitations. Though respected before that performance, after it he became an even bigger hit with classmates which pretty much wrote the rest of his high school days.

    He is definitely the most famous person from the class of ’79 at the old “Rock of the Dakotas” WSHS and his “Kaufman” is a great high school memory to cherish for those of us who witnessed it.

  2. Richard Barnes, Ph.D. on March 8, 2016 at 7:31 am said:

    I have fond memories of Wally when I lived in Sioux Falls. He was one of the more talented people in the city. I knew that because no one knew what to make of him…
    Glad he is doing well and I wish him great success. Too bad our talented people have to leave the state in order to succeed. That held true for me when I went from USD to Boston College and was able to make a contribution on a much larger scale, eventually being invited to speak at the United Nations Habitat II Summit in Istanbul in 1996, an opportunity I would have never had if I had stayed in South Dakota. It is not just about money, but about opportunity. Keep up the good work, Wally!

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