Legislative Coffee, Feb 4, 2017, Sioux Falls

Look for the pauses, blank looks, dumb stares and empty comments at the first 2017 Legislative Coffee in Sioux Falls on February 4 at the Ramada Inn. Wow, some of the answers to good questions were less than stellar. Granted it was less than 24 hours since the close of bill submission but why does everyone have to go to their computers to even know what had been submitted?

The next coffee is in one week, let’s see how quick the next group is when answering questions. This Sioux Falls area group hails from Districts 6, 9 and 11, all Republicans.

District 6 attendees: Isaac Latterell, Herman Otten, Ernie Otten
District 9 attendees: Michael Clark, Wayne Steinhauer
District 11 attendees: Chris Karr, Jim Stalzer, Mark Willadsen


#1 Emoluments Clause on 02.06.17 at 1:27 pm

I think the next legislative coffee should not be “open book.”

#2 James Zajicek on 02.08.17 at 9:35 am

I have no problem with it being open book. I wouldn’t have a great memory for every bill, either.
The problem I have, is most never say anything on any bill. The default line is, “I haven’t heard both sides”. How about you tell me what you “heard” or “know”about it and what you need to know more about before voting?

#3 John Kennedy Claussen, Sr. on 02.08.17 at 11:46 am

The reason why I emphasized the “open book” issue is because it appears to me that most of these legislators would have nothing to say without their crib notes.

They don’t seem to be political animals. Now some may like that, because it is a “Citizen Legislature,” they say. But I expect my political leaders, regardless of their politics, to be leaders. But I am not convinced, regardless of your politics, if we saw the “A Team” at the last legislative coffee, rather we saw the “B or C Team.”

And why is this? Well, I will be frank, I have always thought that both liberal and conservative thought have their points, their relevance, and their capabilities, but seldom do we get the “A Team” with conservative political leadership, because the “A Team” intellect within the conservative community is for the most part not in politics rather they are on Main Street and Wall Street making money. Then some of that money is used to protect, promote, and finance the existence of the “B Team” in politics, but often to the detriment of the citizens they claim to represent and to the benefit of the money interests.

Liberals, however, tend to send their “A Team” into the political arena because they tend to be a more “political animal.” Liberals believe that government has its role to play in society and thus they own it. Conservatives detest government and merely try to control it with their money…

Gee, no wonder our conservative friends wanted to get rid of IM 22 as soon as possible….

#4 Blasphemo on 02.08.17 at 6:11 pm

John Kennedy Claussen, Sr. : Your frank analysis of a difference between Conservatives & Liberals is a credible one. I hope educated adults from one side can swallow it, and the other side embrace it.

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