I won’t get into whether or not Mr. Jaber is innocent or guilty (I guess if he had a fair judge and or jury, I could see the decision going either way). I do agree with some that Jackboots is using this as political grandstanding.

Also don’t get me started on the 3 cousins pissing match over who’s religion is the BEST! People wonder why I am non-religious, watching the 3 cousins clown around is one of the main reasons. You are all descendents of Abraham, you all worship the same God. Get over it already, put the f’ing guns down and give each other a group hug.

Some would say the police did not act accordingly, believe it or not, I will defend the SFPD on this one. Our gun laws in SD are so lax, they had no choice then to let Mr. Jaber go. His possession of multiple assault weapons and pistols in his vehicle is perfectly legal in SD. AND, he probably bought them all legally.

If good, God fearing South Dakotans should be scared of anything, it’s not radical Muslims, Jews or Christians they should worry about, it’s our hazardous and troublesome lax gun laws in South Dakota that allow a person to carry around an arsenal in their mini-van. You’d think Mr. Jaber was preparing to drive through the middle of Baghdad instead of sleepy old Sioux Falls.

5 Thoughts on “Jaber incident reveals our lack of gun restrictions in South Dakota

  1. The D@ily Spin on April 28, 2017 at 10:33 am said:

    Here comes an insanity defense. SD has nothing to do with federal background checks. Something should have shown up with the number and type of guns bought. It’s easy to get a concealed weapons permit in SD. However, Minnehaha County does a good job qualifying. A SD permit works in many Midwest states. Don’t go into Minnesota with a loaded concealed pistol. I have a permit and carried for awhile after a city code enforcer threatened me. Use your cell phone when there’s a police beating. I wish they’d have mandatory body cameras start to end of a shift. Why not, state game department does?

    I agree with you about religion. There are so many religions but (generally) one God. It’s not Mike Huether. I’ve thought about starting a religion for a tax shelter but I’ll see how the Trump tax plan looks first.

  2. He’s a meth head. This isn’t about religion, it’s about our drug crazed population.

    Police suspected he had a drug issue when they tossed his car, but needed a warrant to search his premise. In the end they will drop the terror charges and let him plea to the drugs.

  3. Without getting into a big First Amendment (First, not the Second amendment, the Second Amendment is about the right to join a militia) fight over free speech, I am amazed that our current gubernatorial candidate/AG is not upset with what can be found on the Dakota Silencer Facebook, too. Well, actually I am not amazed, I understand how South Dakota politics works sadly.

    The following is a February 7th posting from Dakota Silencer. Tell me how this makes one feel free and safe?

    A course after many start checking this post out it will probably disappear, but trust me it was there:


    Oh, and for those who might miss it, it reads:

    “Everyone is all flipping out about the anti Trump protests”

    Then it shows a guy holding an assault rife, while it looks like he is praying next to a pillow which looks like the American flag, then the post says further on,

    “And I’m here waiting for them to show up in my neighborhood.”

    Even if you think that DS is just kidding, they are still feeding the frenzy of violence and they should be shamed of themselves even if they are confident that the gubernatorial candidate, I mean AG, will never come a knocking….

  4. Warren Phear on April 29, 2017 at 4:21 pm said:

    EC. That is a scary link you provided. Scarier yet, three of of my friends like it.

  5. “Scary” indeed. Some how our society is turning into some kind of gangster slash “Dodge City” mentality with a warped self justification of it. It is not the world our parents or grandparents for the most part lived in, so why do we have too?

    Its the result of scared politicians and a run a mock gun lobby, that has no true understanding of the 2nd Amendment whatsoever, nor its initial intent and responsibilities. The lobby’s obsession with guns masks what is really a mixture of their inferiority complex and racist tendencies, in my opinion.

    It seems to me that a good hunter does not need a silencer and a civil person has no need for a gun….

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