Don’t forget to sign the petition this 4th of July

As I understand it, the petitioners will be at Falls Park collecting signatures for tax opt-out on 4th of July. So celebrate America, FREE pork sandwiches, and your right to petition your government.


#1 The D@ily Spin on 07.02.17 at 10:05 pm

I signed today. The school board will tax for an additional 50 mil without a public vote. It violates constitutional law and this petition forces them to respect your civil liberty. You can sign tomorrow (3rd) at the courthouse or the 4th at the mayors’ Falls Park porker.

#2 Concerned Citizen on 07.03.17 at 2:34 pm

Where is the $50 million number coming from? I understood from everything I have heard or read, the number was $5 million.

#3 l3wis on 07.03.17 at 3:13 pm

Yeah, isn’t it ironic the school board has trouble giving the public the ‘real math’. I thought the same as you. It’s $5 million PER YEAR over 10 years.