When I see stuff like below, I am continually baffled by the decisions the Pavilion management is making. Obviously the citizens hands are tied and their isn’t much we can do to persuade the board of directors BUT we still have the city council.

The Pavilion’s management contract is set for renewal on January 1, 2018 and as I understand it, it will be an automatic renewal. We haven’t seen an audit of the Pavilion in over a decade and the last annual report was posted online in 2015.

I don’t understand how the Mayor and City Council could just let this contract renew itself without a complete review and outside audit? Especially with the recent change in contractors at the golf course after we let one contractor run the joint for 23 years.

It’s extremely irresponsible for our municipal government to be so careless with our tax subsidy and property ownership. Please, do your job and do a full review of the Pavilion before you sign on the dotted line before the whole building is run by youth pastor cartoonists.

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