I guess I was a little surprise to hear that today when I have often thought it was a donation from Smithfield and city employee volunteers handing out the grub. I’m wondering when this changed? Don’t get me wrong, maybe there still was a donation of meat, but I started getting suspicious when I saw Tony’s Catering show up with their vans.

While I think it is a nice gesture to hand out the pork sandwiches, I think there should of been more transparency about the fact it wasn’t a handout at all, just more of Huether’s propaganda machine at work.

Yeah, I know, should I be really surprised by the lack of transparency? $15,000 to make the mayor look good but we can’t afford to expand bus routes. Go figure.

UPDATE: Here is a cost breakdown for the $15,000

Picnic Supplies
Equipment rental
Utility bill inserts

The meat is donated by Smithfield and Sunshine prepares it.

One Thought on “UPDATE: Mayor’s 4th of July meal cost taxpayers $15,000

  1. The D@ily Spin on January 30, 2018 at 10:16 pm said:

    And everyone attending (mostly city employees) got one sloppy joe. Sad, very sad. There’s better free 4 course meals at ‘The Banquet’. Keep the 15k Mike. Add it to the millions from city contracts. We have our pride. Shoe leather soup is better than your kind of gift.

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