My quick answer? NO. As someone who talks to her often about city legislative policies and worked on her campaign to get her elected to the city council, I think Theresa is perfectly happy being a part-time legislator for the city, a music teacher, an organic gardener and active in her church.

There has been tons of speculation if she will run. I have often joked with people that if she announced today and the election was tomorrow, she would be elected. Of course things don’t work that way.

One of the reasons many people have speculated is because Stehly has told mayoral candidates she will NOT endorse anyone. This is actually smart since she may have to work with one of the candidates. She has also sent out a postcard and a newsletter in the past couple of months giving updates to the city. She has done this at her own expense and not from donations or a campaign fund. There is also only one woman running right now for mayor. I’m not saying Theresa’s philosophies are that much different than Jolene’s, but I will say Theresa has more experience with city government then Jolene does, and if Theresa announced it would certainly put a damper on Jolene’s campaign. But what is the biggest factor that would be advantageous to Stehly if she ran for mayor? She is the demographic that votes in Sioux Falls municipal elections; moderate to conservative, populist, working class, 55 and older individuals.

But the other thing I have learned about Stehly is she can have a change of heart, in a heartbeat. If Stehly does run for Mayor she has until February 23rd to turn in her petitions. Until than, I don’t think the current pool has much to worry about. Just remember, vote for anybody but Jim and Paul.

3 Thoughts on “Will Stehly run for mayor in 2018?

  1. I would love to see some polling that involves a Stehly mayoral candidacy. No doubt the “Staggers,” or should we say the “Stehly Voter,” does not yet have a horse in this race and a Stehly candidacy would give that voter a safe haven, but is it enough to get her into the run-off?

    Maybe Entenman should offer a senior discount on his “Hogs” to get that constituency behind him. Or, perhaps, TenHaken could get into the Purple Heart distribution game to attract that constituency as well…. Who knows…..

  2. Early, early, this morning, when the snow gate dropped at the end of my driveway, I was once again reminded that it was Stehly and Staggers who got this done.

    One of many things she has done for EVERY citizen of this community.

    Thank You Councilor Stehly, you have my vote.

  3. Yes, snow gates that many City leaders and administrators once hated and dragged their feet at, but now they proudly proclaim they will also be used at major intersections in this town due to their effectiveness…

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