Trust me, if I had the answer to that question, I would let you know. I do know at this point she is undecided, and she has told me so. But I do think she is leaning towards one of them.

She has said she has had several wonderful private conversations with both. Mostly to lay out what her agenda will be on the council over the next two years. I think that is a good approach.

She told me she has to work with either and it would be unfair to endorse or even tell people who she is voting for, and I agree.

But let’s look at reality here folks, doesn’t matter if it is Jo or Paul, the council is the policy making board of the city, and you are going to see that happening. I think councilors Neitzert, Erickson, Starr, Stehly and Brekke would be the first to tell you they are going to take that bull by the horns come May 16. And if DeBoer wins (GO ZACH!) you will see another added to that team. It could become a very lonely place for Kiley and Selberg no matter who is sitting at city hall.

I think you will see one of the strongest councils since the new charter was formed. Be for warned, when you combine a strong legislative body with more open government, things are going to seem very messy for awhile, but this is what government is supposed to look like when it is out in the sunshine and not behind closed doors. I think all of the sausage making will be beneficial to the citizens in the end.

I sat down for 45 minutes yesterday with mayoral candidate TenHaken, we discussed many things like public input, public funding of the arts and the Pavilion, satire in politics and forensic audits and budgeting. I told Paul that it will be essential for the next mayor and council to put on the brakes in 2018 and start from scratch. Really take an in depth look at our finances before moving forward with any new fees, taxes or monument projects like baseball stadiums. I told him that I don’t think the citizenry will hold it against the mayor or the council for taking this year for a gut check, I think most would praise them for it.

I look forward to 2018 no matter who becomes mayor. And when there is missteps, I will make sure they are held accountable.

11 Thoughts on “Who is Councilor Theresa Stehly going to vote for?

  1. Warren Phear on April 22, 2018 at 1:57 pm said:

    45 minutes. Were you allowed to video or audio tape?

  2. D@ily Spin on April 22, 2018 at 4:45 pm said:

    I wish Jolene would address transparency, Stron Mayor, record keeping, and due process. TenHaken identified some of these things. One way to win this election is to cut directors salaries to fund raised for police, fire, and some city employees. At least 2 directors could be dismissed and others may resign. New directors will work for less.

  3. D@ily Spin on April 22, 2018 at 7:19 pm said:

    Stehly must be impartial. She must work with the new mayor no matter who gets elected. As for me, I’ll accept either. Jolene is honest and sincere. TenHaken May correct city bullying and corruption. I’ll be out of the country and choose to opt out for this election. Not picking sides is my perspective. Either is acceptable and both are ten times better than MMM (Mistake Monster Mike).

  4. l3wis on April 22, 2018 at 9:36 pm said:

    WP- It was mostly me talking 🙂

    VSG – I think she is leaning the other direction.

  5. Theresa stehly on April 22, 2018 at 11:31 pm said:

    For the record Scott,
    I have been contacted by many bewildered citizens who don’t know who to vote for.

    In addition to assuring everyone about the respect ,encouragement and responsiveness I have received from Paul and Jolene, I have been telling everyone to do their research, and to watch for my facebook summary.

    I will be posting a report of my mayoral conversations: “Promises made..Promises kept”.
    I believe that at the end of the day, this race will be a win-win for the citizens.

  6. It’s time for a woman mayor. Send Washington an other message!

  7. Warren Phear on April 23, 2018 at 6:07 am said:

    I have a deep respect for some of our city councilors. Why? Because they answer my questions when I email them. Because they are genuinely concerned about issues that concern me and my family. I know they are religious people. I also know they do not wear their religion on their sleeves. I have met with Theresa in my driveway, on a Sunday afternoon, about an issue important to a lot of tax paying citizens. She was not at my place based on crowd size. She was not there based on media exposure. She was not there taking selfies. I would be remiss if I did not mention Greg Neitzert has also done the same. Pat Starr, I know, would do the same. The others? Not so much. If they cannot even respond to an email why should I have faith in them to care about an issue important me? That is why I like Theresa Stehly. That is why I like Pat Starr. That is why I like Greg Neitzert. That is why I believe there is a clear choice for mayor of SF. Only a gut instinct, but my gut says Jolene.

  8. If you need a politician to tell you how to vote, you should not be voting.

  9. Rachel on April 23, 2018 at 2:13 pm said:

    Well said Warren and I agree.

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