I just about fell out of my office chair when I heard Jolene say this today to TenHaken at the DT Rotary debate at noon.

It is something I bring up ALL THE TIME on this blog. Being truthful is the OPPOSITE of negativity. Honesty means you have integrity. Loetscher showed that integrity today.

The incident occurred towards the end of the debate when the two candidates were allowed to ask each other questions. Jolene looked straight at Paul and asked him why he continues to spread the lie that the PD is not interested in precincts. She informed Paul that she had a very long discussion about the lack of space at the law enforcement center with McManus and Burns and researched the idea before going public with it. She also accused him of fear mongering by claiming Jo’s plan would have jail cells at the precincts (not a part of the plan). TenHaken got very nervous, waived his hands around than complained he was questioned by DCI because Loetscher filed a criminal complaint on Friday over her website and campaign bank accounts being hacked. He never responded to her question.

Actually Paul went into a diatribe about how he vowed to never go ‘negative’ in his campaign. That is when Loetscher made the above comment. She has never accused Paul of the hacking, though it makes you wonder if he knows who is behind it. My guess is that it is someone in the nefarious Republican hack job underbelly of the SD GOP working alone to destroy her campaign. They have so many weasels it would be hard to dig one of them up.

But what was more revealing during the exchange was when Paul said, “I have dirt on all seven of the mayoral candidates, but I’m not going to go there, it’s not my style.”

Then why do you have this ‘dirt’?

As I have told people in the past, I get tons of tips about the candidates running for office, and I have been very impressed that I have not heard ONE negative thing about Jo, except the fact that she is a strong outspoken woman, and IMO that is an asset. All we have to look towards is other local female politicians with strong personalities that have done superb jobs like Loila Hunking, Anne Hajek, Pam Nelson, Karen Soli, Theresa Stehly and soon to be councilor Janet Brekke. We expect this from a leader, and today Jolene showed just what kind of leader she would be. Bravo.

I was disappointed in moderator Jack Marsh after the exchange for warning the candidates to keep it civil moving forward with more questions. Really Jack? Does the ‘truth’ make you uncomfortable also?

32 Thoughts on ““You may say it’s negative, but I call it the truth.” Loetscher

  1. BCGilbert on April 23, 2018 at 3:52 pm said:

    We need Jo. TenHaken is just another smooth rich guy in it for his own ego.

  2. Is the DNC running her internet security? Is it Trump or the Russians behind this hack?

  3. Both Paul and Jo claim to have spoken witness Burns and McManus about the precinct idea and have opposite feedback. Maybe Burns and McManus need to just come out and say what they want to do, because now it’s he said she said. Jo can’t just throw out the “you’re lying!” card and get to say she’s right. Paul refused to go on with the he said, she said, and Jo took that as him saying she was right which is not the case here.

    On the precinct “fearmongering” – if we aren’t using them as fully-functional LECs, then what’s the point? Officers patrol the whole city anyway, so this isn’t an issue of rapid deployment. The whole idea is ridiculous and doesn’t make sense for a small city like Sioux Falls where the crime is primarily in the central part of town.

  4. *claimed to have spoken with Burns and McManus, damn phone keyboard.

    BCG – Okay, Jolene is just a rich woman in it for her own ego. Clearly she’s a rich lady if her husband can do $78,000 worth of media work for free and they can still put food on the table.

  5. Watched the debate. I am curious to know who, if anyone, has endorsed the idea of police precincts in our city?

  6. D@ily Spin on April 23, 2018 at 6:49 pm said:

    Jolene’s site was hacked. Isn’t it suspicious that her opponent is in the internet marketing business? Supposedly there’s an investigation. If Facebook hacks got Trump elected, perhaps this sort of maneuver has become prevalent in politics.

  7. scott on April 23, 2018 at 7:47 pm said:

    i’m sure jackley and tenhacker had a good laugh over the phone about it.

  8. Incredibly embarrassing that these 2 are our “best” candidates. Sheesh.

    We’re not all crazy here fellow South Dakotans.

  9. I think it is time for us to start asking as to whether DSU works for intellectual enlightenment or is merely a wing of the state GOP?….. Perhaps we should get a “Leadership Team” together to look into this, huh?….

    Oh, and I am wrong, it never was ThuneHaken, rather it was NixonHaken all along….. We should have known that when a proactive person of faith thinks it is funny to joke about the mafia by naming his investment company “Dutch Mafia,” that he is either very immature or else very dark with his interests….

  10. l3wis on April 23, 2018 at 8:58 pm said:

    The more I think about this, the more it really pisses me off. Really?! In a mayoral race we have people hacking candidates accounts? I’m not saying the TenHaken camp is responsible, but SOMEONE is. And it is real. And whoever it is, is a big time f’king loser.

  11. l3wis on April 23, 2018 at 9:02 pm said:

    I get a lot of people bust on me about my posts and tactics, but I put my sack on the table. If I call a politician out, I own up to it. The little rat fink losers that do these kind of things need a double poke in the eyes.

  12. Observer on April 23, 2018 at 9:03 pm said:

    Secret meetings with the PD and Burns? Is this true and has he met with her in private? Do they endorse her and her precincts ideas? The silence is deafening.

  13. scott on April 23, 2018 at 9:11 pm said:

    maybe jo can hire click rain to find out who did it.

  14. The DCI is not going to investigate or question someone unless there is probable cause. Jo’s and/or her supporters ‘accusations are not going to make the Sheriff’s office and DCI act as they did without compelling evidence in and of itself.

  15. I’m surprised your website has remained unhaked.

  16. Ha, don’t think peeps haven’t tried.

  17. My Mistake Mike on April 23, 2018 at 10:30 pm said:

    Better bring in Jim Comey to investigate! 🙄

  18. anominous on April 23, 2018 at 10:44 pm said:

    If you got “dirt” on people, then what good is their endorsement of you?

  19. Exactly, what does NixonHaken have on Jamison?

  20. Fluff McFluffin on April 24, 2018 at 8:20 am said:

    It was Huether trying to postpone the election to continue his reign.

  21. guest on April 24, 2018 at 8:36 am said:

    how do we even really know if her stuff was even hacked? Maybe this is just bluff on her part?

    And if she cant even put together a campaign staff to eliminate the alleged hacking then how do we trust her to compile staff to run the city?

  22. Did you notice Paul’s fake crying shit to? Just like Huether. I will have to admit though, Mike is better at it.

  23. l3wis,

    What I have noticed even before this controversy, is that over the last week the cool, calm, and collective Paul has been lost. I don’t know this Paul that we have seen over the last week. Whatever happen to the confident and articulate Paul? The Paul we see now struggles for words, his eyes get big as he stares off into the distance, and he blinks a lot. He reminds me of the kid who said he didn’t take the candy….. Perhaps it is time for a “Checkers speech,” huh?

  24. le langhe carabine on April 24, 2018 at 1:02 pm said:

    I think Paul had some great moments in the rotary debate, but his five minute meltdown during the last part of the debate was unreal and self inflicted. Loetscher didn’t even bring up the argus leader article or say anything about hacking. Paul volunteered having “dirt on all seven candidates” which is pushing the limits and proclaiming it to the entire Sioux Falls Rotary is bizarre. Leaving a voicemail for a political opponent stating “you have tools in your toolbox” to go after her campaign is also bizarre and bordering on unstable. Both instances, at minimum, reflect poor judgement. And all of this stuff happened within the last 8 weeks too. Sioux Falls doesn’t need someone with that profile of behavior being the brand ambassador for our growing community.

  25. More Truth on April 24, 2018 at 3:17 pm said:

    The article in the Argus today didn’t even mention this “meltdown” of ElevenHaken. They posted the article on the hacking yesterday morning online, and then posted the exact same thing without any follow up regarding the Rotary debate. Did TV have anything?

  26. l3wis on April 24, 2018 at 3:29 pm said:

    All the TV stations covered it and played the clip from the Rotary debate which I linked in the story.

  27. 13333 on April 24, 2018 at 3:58 pm said:

    I’ve been involved in multiple candidate and issue-based campaigns. There is always hacking, spamming, phishing, and digital spying involved. This is a last-minute attempt at pulling the victim card. EVERY campaign has this stuff going on. NOT EVERY campaign whines about it.

  28. l3wis on April 24, 2018 at 4:06 pm said:

    You are correct, and I think for the most part the campaign was ignoring it. Where it got potentially criminal and needed to be reported was when they were hacking her bank accounts. And I can almost guarantee if she would not have reported it, her bank would have. She did the right thing.

  29. 13333 on April 24, 2018 at 4:23 pm said:

    If she’s that careless about her personal accounts, how on earth is she capable of managing 1,400 city employee accounts? She claimed she can’t release the voicemail since it’s part of the investigation…. but claimed she wasn’t blaming TenHaken…. it what world does that make sense? Release the full voicemail and show us how transparent you really are.

  30. But “13333,” when it comes to this reality you seem to accept….WWJD?

    And “J,” a course the police establishment is against this idea, because it is a threat to their central control. Their position is a product of office politics and not correct policy.

  31. That Dude Guy on April 27, 2018 at 10:21 am said:

    Pretty sure Paul has done this sort of work before on behalf of a campaign… Duguard maybe? Basically worked to out a troll.
    Anyway, the more I see of the guy, the creepier he gets.

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