This has been the lingering question with Huether since he walked into office 8 years ago.

Neither I or the media could answer yes or no to that question. I have never gotten a solid answer.

When we have talked about the lack of transparency in his administration it goes beyond sharing city business information with the public and council.

There has only been one incident since Mike took office that we could say that he did, or least his ‘wife’ did. Cindy invested in a property that received a TIF from the city. The only other instances I can point to is a couple of local developers telling me he has and a person from the planning office telling me this, but hearsay only.

There are minimal conflict of interest laws in the state to enforce this. And even if you don’t have an ethical issue with Mike doing this, shouldn’t he at least have to disclose this kind of information?

I really think the new city council should put a policy in place that requires councilors and the mayor to disclose if they are investing in local development projects, whether they are connected to the city or not, they all must go through the planning department so in some ways they are connected even if they are a silent investor/partner.

We may never know if Huether did, but we certainly can protect the public from the future mayor using inside information to fatten their wallet.

By l3wis

3 thoughts on “Did Huether use insider city hall information to invest in real estate development?”
  1. I am quite confident that the new transition team will help with this idea…… #sarcasm

    Oh, and shouldn’t it actually be called a “New Transition Leadership Team?”

    And I can’t wait until “Leadership Teams” and charisma alone are able to significantly reduce crime in this town…. It should be fun to watch….. (“Talk about ‘#sarcasm’…. OMG….”)

  2. mmm’s wife and the 6 year old who gave 1k to ptr get their money from the same place.

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