4 Thoughts on “It’s going to be a Good Year

  1. It’s actually a UFO in disguise, that is practicing its game plan. It intends any day now, in my estimation, to suck Trump up into its starship during an outdoor South Lawn ceremony.

    #FreeMelaniaMeansFreeAmerica….. (So we can “care” once again….)


  2. D@ily Spin on June 27, 2018 at 10:24 pm said:

    It was holding up flights at the airport. BBW’s are exciting. Big Balloon Whatchamacallits (dirigibles). What were you thinking?

  3. anominous,

    Some go down, while others go up…..Thanks for sharing….

    My guess is that this “blimp” got wind (how puny) of his Duluth and Fargo appearances. Plus, it is most likely using the Dakota plains for cover for now. And it is also most likely looking for that guy, in our area, who wanted to give the ‘Orange Mess’ a “B,” just to scare him…… (….”Don’t worry, we will return you to your family in that ‘taupe neighborhood.’ But first we must finish this probe procedure”…… “What? You ask about God?”…. “Hahahahahaha”….. “Hahahahahaha”…..)



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