UPDATE: I guess the media gets access to the survey results before the public does. READ HERE.

The results certainly are the result of a push poll. Still curious how many postcards were sent out. 3700 respondents.

This should be good, how does a (online) survey turnout when you don’t have a ‘undecided’ category? I guess we will find out;

School Board Meeting Kate Parker
Wednesday, June 27, 2018  3:00 P.M.
Instructional Planning Center
Dr. Brian L. Maher
201 E. 38th Street, Sioux Falls
Superintendent of Schools


  1. Call to Order
  2. Community Survey Results  (Exhibit)
  3. Final Projects Selection for Bond Referendum  (Exhibit)
  4. Committee Assignment Reports
  5. Adjournment

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5 thoughts on “UPDATE: Sioux Falls School Board to release survey (Push Poll) tommorrow”
  1. Both the Community Survey Results and the Final Projects Selection for Bond Referendum were available on the district’s website this morning.

    Strange, that they have now disappeared!

  2. I guess 83,000 postcards were sent out, about 4.5% return. Which isn’t bad, but for an unscientific online survey, not sure if you can hold much weight in it.

  3. I responded to the survey. I also added comments. I wanted to know how much it would cost after each of the 10 years. It will cost more each year, much, much more after 10 years. They know it. I know it. This is a scam. I would think the argus would expose this. To this point? Crickets chirping.

    From the survey.

    I would support the recommendations as outlined by the task force, assuming a cost of $2 per month or $24 per year on the average home in Sioux Falls ($185,000 taxable valuation).

    Strongly agree 58.2%
    Agree. 30.6%
    Disagree. 6.7%
    Strongly disagree. 4.4%

  4. Warren, this is the the issue that has be concerned as well. This increase + water/sewer + jail construction = expensive city to own a home in.

    Growth for the sake of growth is what got us here in part.

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