Okay, I will be the first to say that this is an unscientific online poll, but take into account that he is getting nearly 75% of the votes (around 800 votes TOTAL) from a SD newspaper with a high readership per capita of the region. Also take into account that both Tim and his opponent are East River candidates.

2 Thoughts on “Tim Bjorkman crushing online poll

  1. Not to be a ‘Debbie Downer,’ but Shantel this past Spring had a healthy lead on Dusty with an online poll with this same paper. But then, in the ninth inning, Dusty’s key supporters showed up, after having all been trapped in an elevator, to win one for the “Orange team.”

    However, I think this will be a close race or close enough to watch. Bjorkman no doubt has a loyal following. Its cultish, but I mean that in a good way…

    Dusty’s strategy with Ag issues seems to be that he is going to attack the Trump Cabinet without attacking Trump. It might work. The Bjorkman team needs to address this without directly attacking Trump somehow; because South Dakota is Trump’s third best state in terms of holding onto his popularity since his inauguration.

    Back in ’56, McGovern ran against the Ag Secretary without mentioning Eisenhower’s name and now Dusty is doing the same by attacking Pruitt. Bjorkman needs to creatively find a way to exploit Dusty’s Democratic strategy and how phony it really is…..


  2. Paul ElevenHaken on June 26, 2018 at 11:11 pm said:

    Fake news.

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