Downtown Sioux Falls businesses are partnering with local non-profit organization Leaders Engaged and Determined (LEAD) South Dakota to launch a voter registration campaign to take place from September 25-October 22, 2018.

The campaign involves more than a dozen businesses in downtown Sioux Falls and is part of National Voter Registration Day. While visiting a participating business, patrons can register to vote with employees equipped to assist in the registration process. By making voter registration easier, LEAD is hoping to encourage any unregistered citizens to get involved in the democratic process.

Downtown Sioux Falls business owners are excited to engage patrons on a local level.

“Community involvement is important because if you want to change the world, you need to think global and act local,” said Brian Gochal, owner of Vishnu Bunny Tattoo. “We can’t wait for someone else to make the world a better place.”

“We believe that it’s important for South Dakotans to be registered to vote because elected officials make decisions that impact all of our lives,” said Susan Kroger, co-chair and founding member of LEAD. “By having the information and means to register at downtown businesses, we’re hoping to make it easier for people to participate.”

The campaign kicks off on Tuesday, September 25 which is also National Voter Registration Day.


Founded in 2016, LEAD South Dakota exists to foster a bipartisan community of individuals who empower and encourage positive change for women and families in South Dakota. For more information or LEAD South Dakota’s work, please visit

5 Thoughts on “Voter Registration Campaign Kicks Off with Downtown Businesses

  1. I am all for LEAD’s goals and priniciples, but when the candidates for Congress and Governor of both major parties are anti-choice, then how do we truly advance the goals of “positive change for women and families in South Dakota” in 2018?


  2. @JKC I know LEAD has provided training opportunities to many prochoice candidates running for the state legislature. You may not like the options for state wide office, but there are many local races that are important too!

  3. I would agree, Michelle. But a Congressperson can help fund Planned Parenthood, and a Governor can veto legislation which restricts a woman’s right to reproductive rights. Realities which are far more important than what any state legislator can offer. And at some point we need to be frank about what our political choices truly are this year and how did we get here? ….None the less, pro-choice legislative candiates are our future, yes, hence why I look forward to 2020 and beyond…

    Oh, and can you ride a horse too? 😉 (jk)

  4. i thought i read somewhere that sutton is pro choice, otherwise steve hickey would’ve enforced sutton over noem.

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