One of my grandpa’s clocks from his collection.

I still remember him saying on November 4, 1980 how he voted for Carter, because “He was a good man.” I know, I was in first grade, and how can I remember this? Well, because my grandparents were opinionated. I know, hard to believe. They would tell you how they felt about their last sh*t, the food they had for lunch and the color of the sky, and they would wrap it all in a joke and a few ‘choice’ words. You knew what they were thinking. All of the time, and if they didn’t want you to know they would say it in Czech, then hug you while laughing at you.

I often think about how I have followed politics, and it always brings me back to the kitchen breakfast nook at my grandparent’s house, they were never shy about their opinions. Especially politics.

My grandpa Carl liked Carter for obvious reasons, he loved the earth. My grandpa was a certified green thumb, who could make anything grow, trees were his passion, but he could make anything work from his 70’s Caddie to his International Scout, to his passion of clocks.

I think he would look at Noem as a ‘fake’ and I would love to hear what he thinks of her right now. It would be colorful.

Both governor candidates have shared ‘traditions’ and ‘values’ but I often wonder if they know WTF they are talking about? The South Dakota I grew up in cherished these things, and if you worked hard, you may not become rich, but you were always rewarded with good friends, good food and a sense you were loved and valued for your beliefs.

When you vote on Tuesday, think about what is most important to you, like ‘Good People’ who care about you, the earth and your family, and want a better life for us all. To this day, I still think my grandpa’s vote for Carter was the right thing to do. Because we don’t have to mention the other guy, who Noem has presented as her hero in the latest debate. A man who put us down a path of the rich stealing the middle class and destroying a country who was modeled after people like my grandpa Carl.

He would be truly disgusted.

Hard workers who believed in this Republic, to take care of us, when we can’t, to defend our right to our opinion, and when we take up arms it is for the defense of our ideals, not to simply cause bloodshed. As Americans, we are better than this. We defend the right of others, we love those who don’t agree, and we embrace diversity and ingenuity. We simply are the Greatest Country in the world, and we don’t need props to remind us just leaders to hold our hands.

We can go down the same old path folks, but we can’t accept those results.

Vote for what you believe, because if you do on Wednesday you will have nothing to feel guilty about.

5 Thoughts on “My Grandpa Carl would never vote for Noem

  1. anonymous on October 30, 2018 at 10:19 pm said:

    Thank you.

  2. I believe in most of our pasts we had our own Grandpa Carl. Mom and Dad’s parents would get together an make sure everyone knew what was right or wrong with the current crop of politicians and always seem to cull out the liars, cheats and thieves.

    1968 was a watershed year in calling out the liars, cheats and thieves as we sat watching the conventions. A vivid memory was watching the room reaction every time Nixon’s face was shown. The cat calls were epic. Their ability to spot the political buffoons helped me look at politics and people.

    Thank you Scott for your personal trip down memory lane and helping me have great memories of 4 of the favorite people I have ever known.

  3. I should have known by your excellent writing and keen insight that you were Czech~a merry band of mischief makers are we! And yes, my brilliant Czech grandpa was the same way! Thank you for your work.

  4. Jukebox Taco on October 31, 2018 at 9:50 pm said:

    Are you related to Melania?

  5. sheepherder on November 1, 2018 at 5:55 pm said:

    I am glad that you remember those things from your Czech Grandpa. He was not scared to speak up.

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