So there has been this guy showing up to Sioux Falls city council meeting protesting the 5G network proposed in Sioux Falls because as he claims the microwaves coming from the units would be like sticking your head in a microwave.

So I decided to go down that rabbit hole and research 5G online Tuesday night. Once I sorted through all the conspiracy sites I did find several ‘legitimate’ stories about the equipment. The LA Times had an article from 2016 which pretty much determined that high levels of exposure to adult male rats caused tumors, but it seems the jury is still out because no one knows the long term affects on humans.

One thing that none of the stories deny is that the equipment is powerful and a lot lower to the ground than normal cell phone tower antennas. Could this affect one’s health? The possibility is certainly there.

The city is moving fast and furious on new regulations for the new 5G antennas (I guess public meetings on this were not considered or noticed very well);

More than 20 locations on public land across Sioux Falls are being targeted by wireless providers as future 5G cell tower sites, according to City Hall.

That has city officials working to establish a licensing process that would allow Verizon Wireless and other telecommunication companies to begin installing fifth generation micro-towers on city light poles, water towers and buildings as early as next year.

“Once the master license agreement is approved by the City Council via ordinance, this would allow staff to administratively approve those applications,” Parks Director Don Kearney said while addressing the Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation Board, which got a peak at the proposal Tuesday due to the expectation that light poles in parks will be candidates to house 5G towers.

Under the proposed licensing system, unveiled this week by the Sioux Falls Power and Light Division, companies seeking to equip cell towers onto light poles or other publicly owned facilities would be required to pay a $500 application fee. At that time, staff would have 60 days to determine whether the targeted site is a suitable location. If approved, the applicant would pay an additional $25 for a permit, and then a yearly renewal fee of $175.

“We can either approve the application, deny the application or approve the application with conditions,” Kearney said.

After doing my own research, I am certainly NOT opposed to putting ‘some’ antennas up in the city, but I would be extremely cautious about putting them very close to residential or dense office building areas. I also think that licensing fees should be a lot higher, especially to start with, to see how they work and if there is any long term health affects.

But it seems like most everything in Sioux Falls and South Dakota, big business gets what they want while the peasants have to scrape and scratch to stop it.


4 Thoughts on “Is 5G dangerous?

  1. anominous on November 24, 2018 at 12:22 am said:

    put that shit on the Arc of Dreams

  2. D@ily Spin on November 24, 2018 at 9:55 am said:

    Cell phones are a public utility. If there one carrier at a site, others are guaranteed locating there. Even if they can’t go on the same tower and need another. When it’s a new location, it might take 4 years of litigation but federal law will have it happen. Carriers will play with local government some regarding approval. Mostly because it’s fun toying with insignificant political egomaniacs. However, it’s gonna happen.

    There’s more radiation in your home from appliances than there is outside. The Russians did extensive study into microwave band radiation exposure. You’d have to stand in one spot for a year where there’s constant intersection from transmission of 5 focal microwave beams. Cellular is omnidirectional, not focal. It’s more likely you’ll be abducted by aliens than suffer from cell carrier radiation. However, 5G phones have more power and there’s minor potential if you hold phones next to your head for hours a day. Use speaker phone or ear buds.

  3. D@ily Spin on November 24, 2018 at 10:03 am said:

    Incidentally, I was a microwave radio consultant for 35 years. I often made presentations for city zoning hearings. Toying with unprofessional politician aspirations types got to be fun. I’ve done it for Sioux Falls at council meetings and in court. Respect your neighbor or brother but don’t buy a used car from a councilor or the mayor.

  4. Someday archaeologists will discover the Arc of Dreams and think it was some sort of way to either absorb or transmit energy….


    But on a more serious note, is it just me, or does there seem to be a correlation between the advent and greater use of cell phones and the increasing number of brain tumors that are being diagnosed in the land?….. (Is this mere tin foil, or is it the cell phone?)


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