Sioux Falls School Board NOT transparent on Land Purchase

Sure, they followed all open meetings rules, but they were a little shady on what exactly they were discussing. When they had their meeting on Friday, they went into immediate executive session to discuss legal matters around purchasing land. They were vague as to what school they were buying land for. Here is the agenda/minutes below;



As you can see, they popped their heads out just long enough to vote then quickly scheduled a Wednesday meeting, which technically was a ‘work session’ but legally they can take action. Notice the ‘Notice’ on that meeting;

While they said there could be public input at the beginning, no mention of public input on Item #3, and even if you read the agenda ahead of time, there is NO exhibit telling us ‘what’ real property the SFSD is purchasing.

The 3 PM on a Wednesday afternoon meeting time also pretty much guarantees the public would not show up, even if public input would have been posted. They did ‘ask’ for public input on Item #3 as they were presenting it, but since it wasn’t posted that way on the agenda OR what Item #3 was really about, why would anyone show up for comment?

I figured once the bond passed the SFSD would go into full lockdown and NOT be transparent in anyway moving forward except what is required by law to the bare minimum.

Remember Homan’s lack of transparency? All of her staff still work for Maher. Konrad, Chase, Vik, etc.

I expect there to be extreme waste and secrecy surrounding the enormous $300 million dollar bond, and we won’t know the details until after it is too late. Makes you wonder if Ol’ Bucktooth and Bowlcut is running the show?

The Argus Leader’s Shelly Conlon has had several stories about the run up to the land selection process.

Here’s how that process unfolded during the last month, and especially the last couple weeks. The last three stories highlight the process, and includes an explanation from Alberty as to why they planned to decide the location during the work session instead of the regular meeting next week.

Architect hired, will help decide location by Nov. 1:

District looks at 8 sites:

Decision on where to put new high school taking longer than planned:

District remains tight-lipped on new location:

School board set to decide new location:

New location chosen:


#1 D@ily Spin on 11.09.18 at 9:40 am

There should be a ‘Year for Women and Minorities’ in the next School Board like there was in the midterms. They’re less developer influenced, corrupt, and more parentally impartial.

In the words of Barbara Bush:
“Somewhere out there is someone like me who will become the president’s spouse. I wish HIM well.”

#2 Reynolds Wrap Taco on 11.10.18 at 2:21 pm

So, if they swap-out the land, which Sanford gave them, would that make them ‘Slingers?’

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