5G Rollout Fiasco in Sioux Falls

My testimony last night was based on FACTS I gathered over researching 5G over past weekend.

• No testimony from the FCC or Telecom industry on Health Affects of 5G. FCC currently shutdown. The contract should have been deferred until a representative from the FCC could testify.

• No public hearings. It is illegal for a private corporation to use public utility poles without a period of public comment. While the FCC rules were changed so health affects couldn’t be used as a reason to deny a permit, there are many other arguments (property values, visual affects, etc.). Isn’t it interesting the FCC took out ‘Health Affects’ for grounds of denial. Other communities have had success with 200 FT setbacks from buildings, banning them in residential areas and charging a YEARLY application and inspection fee.

• Extreme intimidation used on City Councilors about potential ‘lawsuits’ if they don’t vote for contract. Intimidation used by Mayor TenHaken, City Attorneys Kooistra and Bengford, and Deputy COS T.J. TypoOver on citizens claiming it is a ‘Done Deal’. It is not, contract still hasn’t been ratified, there is a waiting period. Houston, TX rollout was conducted in the EXACT same manner. It seems the Telecoms are using the same playbook across the country.

• What are citizens rights when it comes to how user data will be used by the Telecoms? The ACLU of California is currently looking into it. We had NO testimony from Verizon on how the data will be used.

• Senator John Thune who chairs the committee on telecoms received almost $1 million in donations from the telecom industry. Follow the money. (Thune’s personal net worth is $5 Million). How does someone get that wealthy working in public service most of their life? Must have went to the Bill Janklow school of investment or Kimberly has one heckuva part-time job.

• What are the health affects of radiation from 5G? Countries like Israel and China have strict regulations on cell phone radiation. The World Health Organization has issued extreme warnings about cell/wi-fi radiation. World famous Oncologist (Cancer Doctor) Devra Davis is leading a grassroots effort to warn the public about 5G. Davis is well known for leading the effort to ban smoking in commercial airplanes. Not some kooky conspiracy theorist trying to find Obama’s birth certificate. In the UK the telecom industry tried to put a GAG order on a citizen advocate after he called them ‘Baby Killers’, a judge threw it out of court saying he had a right to make the accusation due to empirical evidence and the industry had to prove otherwise. It seems now the telecoms are trying to stifle free speech in democratic nations.

This must be stopped, the contract must be voided! This is a BAD example of how to run government in a transparent manner. We have home rule rights. While we can’t fight this on health effects, we do have other means to stop it.



4 Thoughts on “UPDATE: My 5G presentation to Sioux Falls City Council

  1. D@ily Spin on January 16, 2019 at 9:39 am said:

    5G will happen with or without the city. Per federal definition, it’s a public utility. They’re playing along because they have to. The mayor and council crave any sort of attention. Otherwise, the 5G subject doesn’t deserve attention. If they want to serve the public, why not advocate replacing Home Rule Oligarchy with democracy. Eventually, the 2 subliminal dictator owners of Sioux Falls will die. Why not replace them now with government of, by, and for the people?

  2. Timbuktu on January 16, 2019 at 8:59 pm said:

    Step 1. Cut a 2×2 foot piece of aluminum foil
    Step 2. Shape it into a triangle leaving an opening on one side
    Step 3. Put it on your head
    Walah! You are now immune to the 5g airwaves, government mind reading and sudden impulses to watch South Park

  3. LOL.

  4. Wirelessly Irradiated on January 17, 2019 at 5:46 pm said:

    Electromagnetic Field Radio Frequency Radiation (EMF- RFR or EMR for short) is real & is causing biological & health damage to the general population – without even considering the focused beams emanating from 5G small cell towers. 27,000 studies done by experts & peer reviewed demonstrate the harmful effects of EMR.

    See: https://ehtrust.org/




    The idea that Federal Law prohibits a city from citing “environmental” concerns re the placement of cell towers is patently unconstitutional and absurd. Try getting away with that re a new drug, insecticide, pesticide, etc. Sec. 704 of the TCA of 1996 must be overturned to return full sovereignty & control to local governments as guaranteed by the 9th & 10th Amendments.

    The tin foil hat is on those who ignore scientific facts and evidence re the dangers of EMR.

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